Joe Biden senileNot even the Democrats’ many, many media outlets can censor ALL the reports regarding the latest explosive revelations about the Joe Biden Crime Family and its Underboss Hunter Biden. The Democrats at social media outlets have been working overtime to provide cover for the Biden campaign on the scandals.

Joe Biden really senileIt’s easier to find the story in which the Boilermakers Union publicly corrected Senile Joe Biden when he lied about getting their endorsement than it is to find the full details about the Biden/ Burisma scandal. (The union really endorsed Trump)

At Facebook, one of the Democrat-run social media sites trying to censor the Biden emails story, their Global Policy Manager for “content regulation” AKA CENSORSHIP is Biden associate Anna Makanju, WHO ADVISED JOE BIDEN ABOUT UKRAINE POLICY WHEN HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT AND THE BURISMA SCANDAL’S SEEDS WERE SOWN. Is Anna mentioned in some of the unpublished documents? I don’t know but a reasonable person might well wonder.

And as if Joe Biden’s lies and corruption weren’t revolting enough, here’s Australian news with ANOTHER reminder of how the American media is trying to shore up Senile Joe and his campaign: 

Biden forgot


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  1. I personally think joe will give up power and make harris president. Then pelosi will be vice. Of course if joe wins in 16 days that is.

  2. I think the same thing! And if Creepy Joe wins, we’re done! I don’t even like to think about it! 😦


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    The Democrat left – RUN, JOE, RUN – FROM THE TRUTH.



  6. Dexy

    The technofascists as you call them are way out of control.

  7. One aside comment. When people think of our president, who has done so much in support of the U.S. Constitution and protecting us from foreign illegal interests, we can be grateful that more American believing people are fighting for our freedoms. **The reason many people think of Mr. Trump as a narcisist is because they aren’t used to strong confidence. We have been told that winning isn’t important, that participation ribbons are everything, and made to feel our accomplishments shouldn’t be displayed. I say be proud of your accomplishments, appreciate those who have helped you, help others, but be unafraid of saying you did well when you do well.

  8. Donovan

    Do you think that anything will be done about Big Tech election interference?

  9. This is true. As he said, if only the republicans, supporting the Constitution and conservatism could be like the democrats who stick together. It took a billionaire to get them to see the light. Let’s see how long they realize.

    • Yes, if only they would. I guess we will see how long, like you said.

      • Here’s a something I wrote. It’s a bit long, so don’t read if it’s too long: I think I was becoming aware of problems in America while growing up, and it became more apparent in college, though I hadn’t yet connected the dots. But when, while completing my degree, I heard of the new seatbelt laws, I said to my friends we’re going to have serious problems. Of course, they hadn’t connected the dots, and like most people, thought the laws would save lives. In this, they were both right and wrong.
        I had pondered upon this before speaking. I also wanted lives to be saved, but I knew increasing regulations was due to several reasons. One was a people who could be convinced that regulations were the way, which would then have the impact of people wanting more regulations to either cancel out other regulations, or people seeing regulations as a way of life. Some would smile inside, thinking they could increase regulations for their own personal agendas. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the future. And when working, we saw an over-reaching legislative body inserting itself in every aspect of our lives. And wallah…. We’re here.
        What I’ve come to realize through research, studying history, and listening to people talk, is most people do not understand freedom and liberty with responsibility. Most have not read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, or if they have read, do not understand their meaning, but they also do not understand the decades of struggles leading up to those very important documents. Most don’t understand the principles of socialism, communism, and our present democratic republic. They didn’t learn about the above in school, and in their adult lives, have heard very little discussions or watched shows discussing, because one can hardly find one.
        The difficulty of where we are is in voting. Regarding the recent elections, which hasn’t yet been confirmed one way or the other, I discussed with a friend what concerns be more than which way the votes go is all the people who don’t understand they’re voting for socialism, possibly communism down the road. And some people like the idea of socialism, not understanding what has happened in socialist countries of the past and present. Unfortunately, this might mean that very difficult times will have to happen. The greater difficulty in this is once we’re on the path to losing all of our rights, it might take decades, even centuries, to turn things around. Perhaps never. Because the road entails increasing media lies, increasing propaganda, and each generation will grow up taught to see figures of democracy as evil. We’re already seeing that in the changing of real history, tearing down of statues, and hordes of propaganda books in book stores and online.
        Depending upon how these elections go, and people have to reason for themselves, we might begin the drop over the precipice. But once that starts with all some plan on instituting, they have enough of a following in many institutions and companies to keep it going. And only when people discover how little of their own money they keep, how poor the health industry will become, and how helpless they’re becoming from choosing their own course in life, seeing their friends and family locked up for thinking freely, perhaps groups rounded up and sent away, then so much more, will some begin to connect the dots. Only when enough of this happens, which could take a very long time because it takes a ton of time for people to wake up and start wondering what’s going on. But by that time, books of real history will be removed or buried in propaganda, as has already been happening, radio hosts of freedom will be regulated out of the industry, and free speech will be targeted as hate speech, subject to fines and imprisonment. So it will be difficult for those who start to wonder what’s going on to find sources to educate themselves. People will discover, which already has been happening, that if you think freely, for real freedom with responsibility, you will be denied work. However, some will find and tell others, risking their lives and freedom. Perhaps, eventually, we might have another real America once again. But it will be tragic and bloody. And long. Very long.
        What all too many people don’t understand, but thankfully many do, is that the voters of societal slavery/socialism/communism are setting their own children and future generations to all of this. In thinking they’re voting for freedom, because they don’t understand and haven’t followed the real rabbit of reason, haven’t researched and filtered through the lies, they’re voting for terrible days ahead. What we’ve seen in this past year, with mobs and destruction is nothing compared to what will happen if things go a certain way. And other countries will suffer greatly as well, for they will no longer have America to look for help.

  10. Blake

    Big Tech needs taken down.


    Big Tech are the ugliest corporate scumbags of them all.

  12. Thiago Ribeiro

    Corrupt Joe Biden had all of the Democratic Party’s media covering up his scandals during the campaign.

  13. Imbebe Umbeaucoup

    Big Tech needs to be taken to task for this kind of thing.

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