Mascot with demo and repub headsOverseas readers know that I’m an Independent Voter and I’d like to see BOTH the Democrat and Republican Parties splinter into multiple smaller parties. It may be the only peaceful way out of our current situation. Anyway, those overseas readers often ask me for some non-partisan perspective on American political events. Here’s another round.

Q: WHY DO JOE BIDEN AND OTHER DEMOCRATS WANT THE POLICE DEFUNDED? (This question came in response to multiple Democrat jurisdictions in the country, like in Minnesota and California, voting to replace their police departments or defund and diminish their police departments. Plus the way countless Democrat politicians like Biden have taken to referring to the police as “the enemy” and “an occupying army.”)

Privileged White DemocratA: “Democrats” often just means PRIVILEGED WHITE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE SPEAKING FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR BY AUTOMATICALLY SIDING AGAINST POLICE. These Democrats have convinced themselves that it’s only “privileged” people like themselves who see the police as a source of comfort and/or protection during and after the commission of a crime. They think that ONLY the police haters speak for “communities of color” and insist black people who like the police are “internalizing white oppression.”  

At least the true believers among the Democrats have deluded themselves this way. OTHER, more blatantly partisan Democrats view the recent nationwide outrage as an excuse to replace actual policing with their own – as usual – highly politicized organizations which will reflect ONLY the will of those people of color who agree with the privileged white Democrats about the issues rather than reflect the will of the community as a whole.

We’ve all seen the Democrats do this in the news media and in the “educational system” (LMAO) and it amounts to a political litmus test just to obtain AND HOLD a position. Does anyone seriously think that any black people who DON’T hate the police will be made welcome in the organizations with which the Democrats replace the police? Does anyone seriously think that any black people who are – or are just ACCUSED of being – right-of-center, let alone conservative or Republican – will be made welcome in the organizations with which the Democrats replace the police?

Democrats like criminalsSoon we’ll be hearing about how NINETY-PLUS percent of the replacement “police” organizations are Democrats, just like in “teaching” (LMAO) or in the major media outlets.

And if a few such figures of color who actually want to make their communities SAFER actually DO slip through the Democrats’ screening process, how long before convenient “complaints from Democrat co-workers” force them out?

And by screening process I mean the way that more and more jobs require degrees or at least courses in assorted Democrat-Sanctioned “Studies” and/or “Sensitivity Training”. Sensitivity as defined by privileged white Democrats, that is. Police work will be added to the list of occupations (like teaching, reporting, etc) that are, in reality, no longer open to everyone but only to people who espouse – actively and outspokenly espouse – one particular set of political opinions.    

Hopefully enough people of color will keep speaking out, like in New York where they are TRYING to make it clear to their self-styled White Democrat Saviors like Cuomo that they want various units of the police REINSTATED. Crime has skyrocketed in New York City under the Democrats and poor people of color often find themselves at the mercy of criminals just so that self-styled White Democrat Saviors can pretend they are “helping communities of color.”

Jakhary JacksonFor just one of many examples of the way so many of the loudest anti-police voices right now are coming from privileged white Democrats, see below. A black police officer in the Democrats’ Portland, OR makes it clear that there are often MORE PEOPLE OF COLOR IN THE POLICE RANKS AT THESE INCIDENTS THAN THERE ARE AMONG THE ANTI-POLICE FANATICS.   



And yes, I know that pompous white Democrats who think that making a lifelong hobby out of the real-life suffering that African-Americans have gone through makes them qualified to speak on their behalf will condescendingly shake their heads at what they see as the “internalized racism” of the officer’s sentiments.

And by the way, check out the political breakdown of many of the organizations that Democrats want to redirect police funding TO. And check out the percentage of Democrats who run those organizations and will therefore benefit from redirecting funds for the police into their own coffers. Just follow the flow of money AND power to see the Democrats’ real agenda. For Republican politicians you can JUST follow the money. Republican politicians seem to care about nothing else. Not even the plight of their constituents. 


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  1. Having been born into a political familly in Spain( sorry about my grammar) I know this even years and years ago when my family members told me. Not to get into a specific points, but the overall point is that we are not good, at least in Spain with the Socialist-Communist parties that joined for what? Keep the power, that easy, keep themselves in power. No middle class which is that keeps the economy going, they want you to depend on them. Depend on them and they are good, they are in power they give you this food or that, this money or not, and I will always remember as a kid my father saying ” Never depend on anybody”. Just a thought.

    • I understand. The biggest regret of my life is that I ever belonged to the Democrat party. They are fascist, totalitarian trash and embody everything they pretended to oppose.

      • Right now, they are fascist by pure definition, from the guys in the media, all aspects of media, from the tech guys in sillicon valley, universities, I did went to the a university in San Francisco, learned a lot in a year but I did see a constant trying to bring to us kids literally a communist in a phylosophy class, literally a communist guy to tell me what? I was the only one in the class to basically call his bullshit, I was born privilege, my father didn´´t, he made his way through very hard work, don´t want this comment to become too long, although it is already too long, point being…if you do not say yes to the left or socialist-communist they will shut you down, that has been their technicike for years so nothing new..

      • I understand. And yes, it is the same approach they use over and over to deplatform any and all dissenting opinions. They oppress people while posing as the oppressed.

  2. Really well put, yet again. My friends in NYC do attest to crime being absolutely out of control there. Worse than back in the early 1980s, when I had first moved there

  3. Where has a vote been taken to defund the police?

  4. Ebonscape

    I’m black and I’m sick of privileged white Democrats wanting to defund the police.

  5. Len

    Perfect explanation. I wish we had a rival political party to the democrats that was effective.

  6. Almighty Kue

    If you defund the police then animals – Democrats in other words – will take over the streets.

  7. Bernie

    If Biden holds onto this steal I would not want to be a police officer in your country.

  8. Gregory

    Democrats just love to see dead cops.

  9. Jamarcus

    White democrats should be forced to live in the neighborhoods they are stripping police protection from.

    • I agree, but since they know it will never happen they pompously advocate to defund the police. The worst democrat I ever knew loves this type of thing because she knows it won’t affect her life.

  10. Sally

    People should call their Democrat politicians for help instead of the police. It’s just as useless as what the Democrats are calling for anyhow.

  11. Alanna

    Democrats just want political police of their own.

  12. Sherill

    Democrats still want to defund the police.

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    Cheers for this man who continues to write the truth – like it or not.




  15. Alex Chaudhari

    The way Democrats keep doing this with more and more professions is chilling. Republicans are morons for not doing something about this.

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