Vernon JonesDemocrat State Representative Vernon Jones, a Martin Luther King Person of Courage, who has been very outspoken about the right of African-Americans to vote for any candidate they  choose, NOT just Democrats, once again blasted Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden over his many ugly actions regarding communities of color. (Link below, but first some excerpts)  

Jones has pointed out that President Donald Trump has done more for the black community than any other Washington politician, all while Biden hides in his basement. Vernon also criticized hysterical Democrat plans to defund police.  

Black Voices for Trump pic“Jones applauded President Trump’s decision to sign an executive order on police reform. The EO created a national database of police misconduct. This prevents officers from bouncing between police departments when they’re fired for excessive force or other related issues.”

black in magaSaid Jones “Where were Joe Biden and the previous administration for 8 years in the White House on this issue? I’ll tell you. They were absent in unifying this country.”

“The black unemployment rate under Biden and the Obama administration averaged a horrific 12.8 percent … By comparison, more than double that number – 350,000 black Americans – were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration.”

Trump black supporters even moreJones also reminded voters of color about Joe Biden’s THIRTY-SIX YEARS of pushing horrifically strict bills against black offenders (sometimes in conjunction with Hillary Clinton, who notoriously called black men “super-predators”).

Trump and black support“Don’t take my word for it,” Jones said, “take then-Senator Joe Biden’s own words for it. The truth is, every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden. Now that Biden is running for president in a woke Democratic Party in 2020, he’s attempting to sweep his racist legacy under the rug. We can’t let him.”

“Joe Biden is directly responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, which decimated the black community. Biden authored the 1994 crime bill which imposed mandatory minimum sentences, disproportionately putting hundreds of thousands of young black men in prison.”



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  1. Wow. I dislike both candidates so much I’d not wanted to vote….but that’s NOT an option. So have been listening to both sides as much as possible and speaking to everyone I know trying to form an “educated” opinion; which can be difficult because most people are busy screaming that they are “right”, are passionate about it and have much “proof” to back their opinions up. They all do. It’s confusing. My friends are completely split evenly. The friend I want to see Your blog thinks Trump hung the moon and all the stars. I saw Representative Jones speak last week and really liked him. I can’t even believe I’m typing this publicly but I find myself leaning towards Trump. Biden to me is an extension of Obama…and although I loved Obama (even gave money to his campaign!) he stunned me beyond belief and completely LOST me when he appointed a member of the Monsanto family to the FDA. Hypocrisy at its worst in my book. I didn’t even believe it was true when I found out….it SO went against everything he was preaching!!! They all lie though. They all are in somebody’s pocket. God. My heart really goes out to everyone right now. It’s such a difficult, TRULY odd time. Peace!!! And thanks for this post. Rock on! 🙂

    • I understand how you feel. Trump’s status as an outsider is one of the reasons I support him. He is – as I always call him – a de facto Third Party President since he has to fight BOTH Democrats AND Republicans. Plus he has done more for the working class and the poor in this country than any other president of my lifetime. The poor and the working class don’t own media outlets, though, so the ant-Trump hysteria keeps getting pushed. People who hated Trump before still hate him, people who liked him before still like him, so I’m not sure how much influence the clearly biased media still has. Always good to hear from you!

      • “Hysteria” is the perfect word. For whatever it’s worth, my neighbour originally voted for Trump and now, because of Trump’s reaction to Covid 19, doesn’t think he’ll be doing it again. Although he’s DEFINITELY not voting for Biden. And I am now definitely going to vote for Trump. (Somewhere in the house my beautiful man shouts “Thank God!!!” 🤣) So….perhaps there are shifts going on. I appreciate the way You post/talk about politics. You’re very thorough and I find You easy to read. Some friends (in blogland and real life) demonize/attack anyone who disagrees with them and it makes it hard for me to listen to/read them. I just can’t; although I get why everyone is so amped up!!! Having been exceedingly confused and truly floundering this year with how I’m going to vote, I appreciate those of You who think a bit outside my box that just state what You feel are the facts without getting personal and unkind. So….Thank You! Always good to hear from You as well. Rock on and Thanks again!!! 🙂

      • You’re always such a kind-hearted person! Thank you for the nice and thought-provoking comments all the time! And it is good to hear that you plan to vote for Trump. I can relate to your disgust with the hate-filled attacks that political conversations have degenerated into these days.

      • My pleasure! I’m happy You don’t find my clumsy stumble through politics annoying! 🤣 Cheers and I hope You have a great rest of the week! 🙂

      • Thank you, you too! And there’s nothing clumsy about your political takes!

      • You’re more than welcome!

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  3. Wendy

    Biden is not only a bigot toward my community but he is clearly senile.

  4. James' House

    I used to hate Trump but he has won my vote. The man is incredible!

  5. Julian Blackwood

    Incredibly brave to do that! TRUMP 2020!

  6. Lamar

    Trump is miles greater than Biden.

  7. Trang

    Biden deserves bashed and President Trump deserves praise!

  8. McKenzie

    President Trump is the greatest and Biden is a corrupt demagogue.

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