Trump is the new FDRBalladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Republicans and Democrats. With all the doom and gloom in the news lately let’s put aside partisan politics and mark Friday with a positive take that anyone with compassion can appreciate. President Donald Trump’s Payroll Protection Program (see link below) is rolling and it’s as historic as any of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs.

Even the Democrats at CNBC are marveling at how quickly the president got this program running in a process which they noted “would usually take months.” And in another example of how Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President I have to say I can’t picture any hard-core Republican taking necessary steps like this. Usually Republican office-holders refuse to accept the fact that governments spend money.

I will say again that Trump has been the best president for the working class and the poor in my lifetime.   

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  1. A Texan

    I’m not sure what the consequences will be of another $2 trillion in instant debt down the line. Trump did show some problem solving ability by suggesting a week or two ago to maybe come up with a risk assessment and see if some parts of the country can stay open for business. Naturally, he gets pummeled by the Marxist in the press core. To his credit, governor of CA did make it a point to say to a CNN reporter that Trump has been responsive to his request and needs and followed through.

    • I agree the media is disgusting with their pushing of China’s narrative and their constant demonizing of every move Trump makes. I was surprised too that Newsom stood by his praise of Trump. I agree that reopening parts of the country is the way to go but the repulsive Democrats are working against that, like you said.

  2. Do you follow Mike Cernovich on Twitter?

  3. Francine

    President Trump is a great man!

  4. Helen

    President Trump is getting to be a greater and greater president every day!

  5. Aleah

    President Trump really is the new FDR.

  6. Aubrey

    President Trump has to fight both political parties. Not even FDR had to do that.

  7. Jason Stanley

    I started out hating Trump but he has proven to be a truly great president.

  8. Gus

    President Trump and Kennedy were hated by the establishment.

  9. Tom Taft

    President Trump is better than FDR.

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