Brandon StrakaOpenly gay Brandon Straka, founder of the #WALKAWAY movement, continues to speak for so many of us former Democrats who were driven away from that increasingly unhinged political party to become Independent voters.

The biggest regret of my life is that I ever belonged to that group of demagogues, pompous snobs, pretentious asses, white-collar criminals and hatemongers called Democrats. 

democrat republican awakeThe Democrats continue to repulsively politicize the Wuhan Coronavirus situation – which they say is SO serious that everything needs shut down except the borders, of course. Uh. Yeah.

To Democrats unchecked, unexamined droves of people pouring across borders without medical checks doesn’t spread disease, but you and your friends going to a restaurant or sporting event DOES.

For some of Brandon’s latest videos about this and other topics click HERE


Filed under LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES, Neglected History, opinion


  1. Lanie

    Anyone who can still stand the democrat party has issues.

  2. Kyle

    Nice post. Straka is the man. The democrats are practically Nazis themselves now.

  3. Heather Kenealy

    The democrats have become such a party of ugliness.

  4. Daleyza

    Brandon is a true hero!

  5. Yvonne

    I walked away too.

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