democrat republican awakeRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are familiar with the way I refer to “the Chicago cesspool” of political corruption. Well, in the recent study by UIC the Windy Cesspool remains the most corrupt city in America! From 1976 to 2018 there were 1,750 political corruption CONVICTIONS in Chicago. So that’s not even counting the many times the city’s corrupt machine thwarted justice.

Los Angeles was in 2nd place with over 1,500 corruption convictions in that same time period. New York City was in 3rd place. All three cities are Democrat-run, and in Chicago’s case the city has had NO Republican mayor since 1931.

#WalkAwayI emphasize this for overseas readers who seem to think that only America’s Republicans are criminals, when in fact BOTH Democrat AND Republican career politicians are white-collar criminals.

For the link to the study


WE NEED THIRD PARTIES! And remember, the Chicago sewer is where the notoriously corrupt Barack Obama bubbled and gurgled up from. 




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  1. Des

    Great idea to address foreign readers who only watch CNN and don’t really know what’s going on here. As you always say, both parties are corrupt through and through. I’d suggest all foreign visitors plan vacations in the Democratic strongholds of Baltimore, Chicago and San Francisco to see where the Progressive Democratic Party wants to take the rest of us. It’s an education!

  2. nice read. i recall many years ago in a conversation with my mother about chicago being known as the “windy city” which i’d heard mention many a time believing this from the strong winds blowing off of lake michigan. she congradulated me on getting the “strong winds blowing” portion correct adding that the “windy city’ part comes from the strong political winds that blow through sky scrapers.

  3. Magdalene Francis

    If you depicted Chicago in a comic book nobody would believe it. Just a shooting gallery with children of color being sacrificed to the democrats’ war on the police.

  4. Lori

    Chicago is a sewer.

  5. Cronan

    Chicago is a mess beyond repair.

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