Balladeer’s Blog’s end-of-year retrospective continues with this look at August’s best. Enjoy your Christmas leftovers of 11 + Sauce and read:

Son of SupermindDELL SUPERHERO PANTHEON – From World War Two to the Cold War, a look at the Dell Comics pantheon of superheroes. CLICK HERE  

DAVID J HARRIS, JR – Looking at yet Another Martin Luther King Person of Courage. CLICK HERE

hammett 2HAMMETT (1982) – A review of the movie depicting Dashiell Hammett mixed-up in a murder investigation. CLICK HERE

TOP MYTHOLOGICAL PANTHEONS COVERED HERE AT BALLADEER’S BLOG – My look at the gods of the Vietnamese, Ainu, Navajo, Hawaiian, Inuit and more. CLICK HERE


Ethan Van SciverETHAN VAN SCIVER: THE FUTURE KING OF ALL MEDIA? – A look at the mad genius Ethan Van Sciver and his YT shows about pop culture. This man is a MUST watch. CLICK HERE

ANCIENT GREEK COMEDY: COTHURNUS (circa 405 B.C.) – An examination of the comedy by Philonides. CLICK HERE

Daniel CameronDANIEL CAMERON – Another Martin Luther King Person of Courage tells white Democrats to stop ordering black people to obey them about what to believe. CLICK HERE

FOOL KILLER: APRIL OF 1920 – James L Pearson’s rendition of the Fool Killer takes on the Palmer Raids, phony “spiritualists” who claim to contact the dead and corrupt government officials. CLICK HERE 

DEMOCRAT ATROCITY – Previously deported illegal immigrant pleads guilty to raping and murdering a 10 year old girl. CLICK HERE  

BietigheimBIETIGHEIM (1886) – A look at a work of ancient science fiction and alternate history. CLICK HERE 

JACK BREWER – Another Martin Luther King Person of Courage praises President Trump’s aid to the black community. CLICK HERE


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3 responses to “BEST OF AUGUST 2019

  1. Sengoku100

    So, I was wondering if you read either of the two articles I sent you yet/ Have A Happy Holiday.

    • Yes, I read them both on Christmas! I will write my thoughts on them back here someday today, the 26th.

    • Hello! The Guardian article is sort of the flip side of the Ancient Greek Comedies articles I write. That article covers the many lost tragedies instead of the comedies and I agree, like with the comedies, it would be incredible to have access to all those lost works, many of which were lost when Muslims burned the Library of Alexandria around 1,000 A.D.

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