By the time most people are out of their 20s they shrug off the immature and insecure preoccupation with how “intellectual” they supposedly are. American leftists are perpetual children so they never outgrow that pompous, boorish pose. 

Liberals conservatives

When you learn to look beyond the now-meaningless words “liberal” and “conservative” …

Just as American Conservatives have hopelessly politicized the word “patriot” to the point where it’s meaningless, American Liberals have hopelessly politicized the word “intellectual” to the point where it is meaningless, too. Conservatives will describe someone as a “patriot” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views. Liberals will describe someone as an “intellectual” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views.

In reality neither American Conservatives nor American Liberals are in any way fit to bestow labels like patriot and intellectual on anyone NOR are they fit to strip away such labels. Liberals are hilarious the way they pretend that even semi-literate movie stars and singers are “intellectual” as long as they unquestioningly spout Liberal dogma. American Liberals simultaneously pretend that even people who have multiple degrees are “dumb” if they hold opinions that the mindless conformists of liberalism disagree with.

Take for instance George Clooney. He dropped out of college but because he zealously spouts nothing but liberal talking points the American Left considers him “intellectual”. On the other hand if he was a Hollywood celebrity who dropped out of college and who expressed opinions that American Liberals disagree with he would be mocked and ridiculed as “an uneducated white American”.

democrat republican awakeAmerican Liberals are such pretentious fools they even made fun of “the kind of college” that Sarah Palin graduated from. Even people like me who criticized Palin couldn’t help but laugh at that hypocrisy given how Liberals were conveniently forgetting how so many of the entertainers they revere as deep thinkers never went to college at all or even may have dropped out of high school (like Susan Sarandon).

That is why length of education has never been a true indicator of intelligence anyway, but this attitude of Liberals perfectly illustrates their pompous snobbery and their tiresome status anxiety. Plenty of American Liberals are terrified that people might think they aren’t “intellectual” if they dare to be individuals rather than conform to the latest Liberal talking points.

This bizarre fusion of Machiavelli and Marx could be paraphrased like this: “Many in the working class were prevented from completing formal education due to various factors, and this has left them insecure about their intellect. This insecurity can be used to keep them in line by praising them as intellectuals as long as they conform to Liberal dogma but dismissing them as uneducated if they deviate from such dogma.”

Another laughable quality about American Liberals and this aspect of their insecurity is the way they immerse themselves only in television shows, movies and news outlets that reinforce their prejudiced – and hilarious – notion that they are the country’s intelligentsia.

Readers who often email me asking if I’m a secret Liberal can use this as proof that I’m not a Liberal just as I’m not a Conservative. If I was an American Liberal I would pretentiously act like my various odd and obscure interests made me more intelligent than other people. In reality I think words like “intellectual” and “patriotic” are not universally definable and will always be subject to each person’s individual opinions, similar to words like “beauty” or “justice”.


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  1. Deanna

    I love it! I know what you mean! They have mediocre intellects at best but try to act like their simple-minded worldview is so deep.

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  3. Lucy

    Democrats really are the most boring and snobbish people.

  4. Blake

    The perfect takedown of them!

  5. Duvall

    Absolutely right! They are such unbearable dicks.

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