Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport. Polo was already centuries old when Alexander the Great’s men played it! FOR MY PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE  

Iconica PoloROUND THREE, DAY ONE: FIRST MATCH – ICONICA VS LA INDIANA. In this Match Iconica – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Creators – rode against La Indiana – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Indians.

I often praise Polo for the way men and women can play on the same team. In this Match Maureen Brennan rode into action as part of Iconica’s foursome.

International Polo Club overheadThe Creators put the ball between the Uprights 3 times in the First Chukker, compared to the 1 lone Goal mustered by the Indians. In the Second Chukker La Indiana outscored their opponents 2 Goals to 1 to pull within 4-3.

Chukker Number Three saw the Indians shut out Iconica while swatting in another Goal for themselves, producing a 4-4 tie at Halftime.

La Indiana seized its first lead of the Match in the Fourth Chukker, outperforming the Creators 1-0 to go on top 5-4. In the Fifth Chukker Iconica doubled-up on the Indians 2 Goals to 1, retaking the lead 6-5.

The Sixth Chukker ended with La Indiana forcing Overtime through a 7-7 tie. In the Seventh Chukker the Creators notched the Golden Goal to win the Match by a final tally of 8-7.

Peke Gonzalez led the scoring for Iconica with 4 Goals.

Tonkawa FarmsROUND THREE, DAY ONE: SECOND MATCH – TONKAWA FARMS VS STABLE DOOR. A blowout was in the offing in this Match as Tonkawa Farms – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Cavalry – smacked down Stable Door – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Jackaroos.

The First Chukker was deceptively competitive as the Cavalry got out to a mere 2-1 edge over the Jackaroos. Tonkawa Farms outscored their opponents 2 Goals to 1 once again in the Second for a 4-2 advantage.

In the Third Chukker the Cavalry got some separation. They shut out Stable Door while thwacking in 3 more Goals for themselves, taking a 7-2 lead into Halftime. 

Chukker Number Four hinted at a comeback by the Jackaroos as they put the ball between the Uprights 3 times to the 2 managed by their opponents. The new score was 9-5, Tonkawa Farms.

The Cavalry snuffed out all hope for Stable Door in the Fifth Chukker, slamming in no less than FIVE Goals while limiting the Jackaroos to 2 and taking an insurmountable 14-7 lead.

Tonkawa Farms put Stable Door out of their misery in the Sixth, outperforming them 3-2 for a 17-9 triumph.

Sapo Caset led the victors in scoring with his 8 Goals.  



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  1. Lenny

    I love me some Iconica!

  2. Carmen

    You’re the only American who understands polo.

  3. Michelle

    Polo seems fun to follow!

  4. Valerian Fan

    You make polo more interesting than the professional polo sights do.

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