masc graveyard newBalladeer’s Blog’s coverage of earlier film versions of The Curse of La Llorona (“The Crying Woman“) has always been popular with readers. Here’s my 2011 review of The Curse of the Crying Woman. And for more of my reviews of neglected Mexican horror films which may themselves be getting big-budget remakes if La Llorona is a hit, click HERE 

Curse of the Crying WomanCURSE OF THE CRYING WOMAN ( 1961 ) – The crying or weeping woman, called La Llorona in her native Mexico, is the undeniable queen of Mexi- Monsters. This ghoulish menace has appeared in many, many films before and after this one, but this 1961 version was the one that added witchcraft to her powers and spawned the “Llorona- mania” that shows no signs of abating.

The most recent Mexican horror film about her in 2007 used the tag line “The legend of La Llorona never dies”.

Since I’m a mythology geek I’ll point out that variations of the story of La Llorona can be traced all the way back to Aztec times, but the Christianized version of her story goes like this:

 a woman (the 1961 version began the tradition of having her be a witch) who had secretly borne the children of her aristocratic lover realized she was just being used as a pleasure toy when the man dumped her to marry a titled woman.

She killed the children and was killed by the man in turn (in some versions she took her own life). When she arrived at the gates of Heaven she was denied entry until she could account for her slain children, and has spent centuries since then roaming Mexico by night looking for those children and making a loud wailing cry as she goes.

She also preys on the children of others, either drowning them or letting them be eaten by the voracious, emaciated ghost- dogs she leads around on chains. The image of the Crying Woman’s  pale face with the empty eye- sockets from which tears flow is unique and unforgettable. She also preys on adults unfortunate enough to encounter her and various films give her minions, undead and otherwise.

The 1961 epic featured La Llorona attempting to defy the will of Heaven by reuniting her spectral soul with her dessicated human remains. This figure deserves to be as well- known as Dracula, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger and all the rest.     


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  1. The 2019 version pretty much crashed and burned on arrival.

  2. Neil

    I simply must tell you that this old version of la llorona was better than the 2007 version or this newest one.

  3. Misty

    The empty eye sockets really creep me out.

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    • Ha! That is an eccentric approach to this movie.

      • Cara

        Yeah, every time you know I’m right you call my comment ‘eccentric’.

        In fact in this case at least I have sound common sense on my side.

        See there are ghost stories that were at one point based on a legend or reality (like Dracula). There’s an emotional coherence to those stories.

        And there are ghost stories totally fabricated to prey on the innocent. And they just don’t make emotional sense.

        This crying lady story is nearly totally made up to prey on chivalrous generous men who have fantasies of or at least would be always willing to help a damsel in distress. And then they added some creepy bits as time went by to expand the audience to include others. Every bit of the story is so not happening – like why would any God tell her to go find her slain babies? He couldn’t do his own job? And why would a woman looking for her babies kill and eat other babies?

        And the lack of eyes in the sockets… now that’s just like the beggar mafia does. I hope this doesn’t upset you to know but there are some thugs that actually gouge out eyes of people to make them more effective as beggars. This ghost story’s gotten that kind of mercenary treatment.

      • Thank you for such a great breakdown on this myth! And that is terrible about the beggar mafia!

  5. Cara

    It does say nice things about you though, that you have compassion for the crying creep.

    • You always find something nice to say in every situation.

      • Cara

        Thank you for tolerating my viewpoints even though if you put your mind to it you could argue everything I say right out of the ballpark.

        Your compassion levels are too dangerously high. But as it seems you’ve survived a lot longer than me I’ll assume you have ways to survive.

      • Your viewpoints are always intriguing and I’m sure you’d out-argue me on certain points. I hope you’re right about my compassion levels.

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