illegal immigration democrat vote machineJoshua Foxworth recently authored an excellent work about the way that illegal immigration has been used as a form of economic warfare which has been devastating the American working class of all colors. The only misstep I see in the article is the way the author fell into the pro-illegals rhetorical trap of acting like opposing illegal immigration is the same as opposing legal immigration. I added “illegal” parenthetically in the following excerpts.  

The link is below, but first those excerpts:

” … (T)hose who support the policy of (illegal) migration implement the following practices –

*** Place pressure on employers to fire natives openly opposed to (illegal immigration). 

*** Deny platforms to the native population that opposes (illegal immigration) (Payment processors, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

illegal immigration cartoon*** Write articles condemning (those opposed to illegal immigration) and ensure that anyone who employs them will be targeted as well.”

” … Using these practices the (illegal) immigrant population and their supporters can effectively destroy the ability of any native member to economically support themselves.”

” … First, this is hidden but as their power grows it moves into the open. This can be seen in Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez asserting that immigration laws should not apply to Latinos as this land is rightfully theirs, as well as Senator Kamala Harris asserting that foreign nationals have the right to make laws with respect to U.S. citizens.”

“There is no good response to this type of cultural and economic warfare, but the first step in defeating it is acknowledging both that it is happening and that the American people have both the right and the obligation to oppose it.”

NOTE FROM BALLADEER: I would add that too many people opposed to illegal immigration are far too spineless to admit it. We all know people who complain to us about the damage done by the nonstop flood of illegal immigration but who are too terrified of enduring a few moments of awkwardness while they defend their viewpoint in a conversation.

To read Foxworth’s entire piece:



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  1. Veronica

    This all day long! The rich are crushing us while pretending to be compassionate about immigrants who come here illegally without being tested for disease or crime backgrounds.

  2. Stephanie

    This is an important element to the illegal immigration debate but it’s often overlooked. Probably intentionally.


    I love Balladeer’s Blog! This guy gets it!

  4. Cindy

    Economic warfare is right!

  5. Sharon

    Democrats are all garbage now.

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