catherine toney and trump 2Yesterday a White House reception for Black History Month saw woman of color Catherine Toney, the first person freed under President Trump’s criminal justice reforms, speaking. She joined assorted other African-American leaders in praising the Trump administration’s many successes for the black community.

donald-trump-and-flagSome of those African-American leaders added praise for President Trump’s activities on behalf of the poor and working class of ALL colors. (Note from Balladeer: As always, Trump is the new FDR)   

Clarence HendersonCivil rights activist Clarence Henderson of THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOUNDATION added praise for the president’s border wall stand to his remarks, saying “You know Nehemiah was told by God to build a wall and that’s what you’re doing. Amen.” (Yes, I’m a non-believer but I’m quoting him. Pretend he said someone was told by “Allah” instead of “God” if you’re a hypersensitive Democrat.)

Robert WoodsonCivil Rights leader Bob Woodson thanked President Trump for taking on the political establishment: “I just want to thank God and President Trump for knocking over the tables in the temples and attacking the status quo that is hostile to the interests of poor people.” (Trump is the new FDR)

The president himself said “Today we thank God for all the blessings that the African-American community continues to give our nation and we pledge our resolve to expand opportunity for Americans of every race, color and creed.”



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