Mascot with demo and repub headsA large number of first-time readers have discovered Balladeer’s Blog recently and some of them have expressed confusion since I trash both Republicans and Democrats. Here’s one of my biggest hits – a tongue-in-cheek look at U.S. Presidents from Eisenhower to Trump so newbies can see that, yes, Virginia, I DO take shots at both major political parties.



Character Type: Well-meaning but befuddled sitcom grandfather.

Military Service: World War One and World War Two

Motto: “FOOORE!” (Remember,  the traditional cry as you’re teeing off in golf? Oh, never mind!)

Nickname: Uncle Milty

Pro: Knew enough to distrust Richard Nixon long before it became the national pasttime. 

Con: Was the first president to pronounce nuclear as “nucular”.

john f kennedyJOHN F KENNEDY

Character Type: Rich playboy who disdained both Liberals and Conservatives and played by his own rules.

Military Service: World War Two

Motto: “Thank God for television!”

Nickname: FDR  

Pro: The man was shrewd enough to distrust both liberals and conservatives equally. I can’t praise that attitude highly enough given our present circumstances. 

Con:  I can’t find out what happened to this guy. Anybody hear anything? 

lyndon-johnsonLYNDON JOHNSON

Character Type: Sleazy J.R. Ewing wielding political power.

Military Service: Tiny, early sliver of World War Two before Franklin Roosevelt summoned him back to his Congressional seat.

Motto: “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many lies did you tell today?”

Nickname: Lucky Lindy/  The Eagle of the USA  (interchangeable)  

Pro: His handling of domestic issues has been sadly underappreciated. 

Con: Once claimed that “Vietnam is like the Alamo” even though Vietnam was crawling with more people from Texas than the Alamo ever was. (Thank you! I’m here all week!) 

richard-nixonRICHARD NIXON

Character Type: Sinister stalker on a police drama.

Military Service: World War Two

Motto: “You b******s stop that f*****g s**t about my c***-sucking administration and those m***********g b*****t lies about those c***s at the f*****g Watergate Building!”

Nickname: The Unindicted Co-Conspirator In Chief

Pro: Helped prolong comedian Rich Little’s career by a full decade at least. 

Con: Was so emotionally unstable and insecure that he might have become a crazed loner/ serial killer type if he hadn’t gone into politics. 

gerald-fordGERALD FORD

Character Type: Mister Bean if he was from from Michigan.

Military Service: World War Two 

Motto: “Huh?”

Nickname: The Black Moses of Soul

Pro: Provided much- needed comic relief to the country following the Nixon scandals. 

Con: Lost to the ridiculous Jimmy Carter … JIMMY CARTER! 

Jimmy Carter b


Character Type: Goober from The Andy Griffith Show and Hee Haw goes to the White House.

Military Service: U.S. Navy during Korean War period but was never sent to a War Zone.

Motto: “What Grant and Harding were to corruption Jimmy Carter was to incompetence.”

Nickname: The Global Village Idiot or The Once and Future National Embarrassment, take your pick. Sure, they’re kind of unwieldy but they capture Jimmy perfectly!

Pro: His every action went so hilariously wrong his term played like one long “Don’t let this happen to you” lesson for future presidents. 

Con: Never met a dictator whose butt he didn’t immediately kiss, while implying other countries could learn a lot from said dictators.

ronald reaganRONALD REAGAN

Character Type: Chef Boy-Ardee. 

Military Service: None, but seemed to think his movies counted.

Motto: “A clueless figurehead who incessantly spouted mindless right- wing dogma.”

Nickname: The Boil On History’s Buttocks

Pro: Once starred in films with Errol Flynn. 

Con: Was the very embodiment of the “Greed is good” 1980s. 

george-hw-bushGEORGE H.W. BUSH

Character Type: Persnickety bitch.

Military Service: World War Two

Motto: “If not for Ronald Reagan I’d never have been elected!”

Nickname: Ike

Pro: Unlike his predecessor, he actually knew what decade it was.

Con: His every word and deed was more annoying than fingernails on a chalkboard.

bill-clintonBILL CLINTON

Character Type: Sleazy southern sheriff.

Military Service: Raped and pillaged, but never as part of any official military unit.

Motto: “Don’t resign like that pussy Nixon did! Make ’em DRAG you out if they can!”

Nickname: Old Trailer Park Trash

Pro: Actually displayed some fundamental administrative competence. 

Con: Used the office of the presidency as a get-rich- quick scheme.  

George W Bush mouth openGEORGE W. BUSH

Character Type: Pampered rich boy whose family’s money shields him from adverse consequences no matter how much damage he causes.

Military Service: National Guard (wink) 

Motto: ” Criticism of my speaking abilities is like ducks off my back … or water we’ve all passed under the bridge, or something.”

Nickname: The Sage of Walden Pond

Pro: When I think of one I’ll get back to you. 

Con: Completely squandered the general good will that many nations were willing to extend to the United States after the 9-11 attacks.  


Obama fail


Character Type: Spoiled only child whose parents overpraised him and shielded him from criticism, resulting in him falling to pieces and blaming others every time he realizes he’s inadequate.

Military Service: You have got to be kidding.

Motto: “A clueless figurehead who incessantly spouted mindless left- wing dogma!”

Nickname: A tie between “The Condescender-In- Chief” and “The Tabula Rasa On Which The Sixties Generation Writes Their Presidential Fantasies”

Pro: He and his hopelessly embittered wife made as many stupid remarks as George W Bush ever did and they’re all immortalized on Youtube! 

Con: Simple- mindedly insisted on viewing the 21st century strictly in terms of the issues and conflicts of the 1960s because he had no ideas of his own.

donald-trump-and-flagDONALD TRUMP

Character Type: Non-politician, so not as scuzzy as other recent presidents. Think Richard Channing from Falcon Crest -ruthless but not entirely malevolent.

Military Service: His single-handed battle with America’s notoriously corrupt political system just might count.

Motto: “The clueless Republicans weren’t using their political party apparatus for anything useful so I decided to borrow it for awhile.”

Nickname: Agent Orange/ Prince Donald of Orange (Tie)

Pro: Is not Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Also, he kept Jeb Bush out of the Oval Office.

Con: Because he is so hated by the movers and shakers of America’s virtual Third World cesspool of politics and money we have to sit through minute-by-minute media blitzes about every single thing the man says and does.

Well, there you go! Now liberal zombies can accuse me of being a conservative and conservative zombies can accuse me of being a liberal! What a strange thing the American political scene has become thanks to uncompromising partisan zealots. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look at a long line of people who abused the public trust while feathering their own nests and lecturing their constituents about living up to a moral and ethical code they themselves constantly violated.




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  1. Raynelle

    This was so entertaining! It’s so nice to see someone criticize both sides.

  2. G Hill

    Nixon and Carter made me laugh so hard!

  3. Des

    Yes, I did enjoy it! You are really one of the most irreverent writers I’ve ever followed. I wish there were more! Like you, I don’t refrain from picking sides because I’m afraid of criticism. I do it because the choices suck. I’m a little more tolerant towards Reagan though, for what that’s worth. I enjoyed his attacks on the left almost as much as “The Donald”‘s (that dates me, doesn’t it?) I always enjoy your blog!

    • Thank you very much once again for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’m fine with people liking presidents I don’t like and vice versa, so no problem there. Many people do seem to feel I’m too rough on both Reagan and Carter.

  4. Sally

    I hated Trump at first but now I hope he gets reelected. He must be hitting a nerve the way both parties attack him.

  5. Anneliese

    Excellent! Obama deserves to be knocked down.

  6. Noe

    Very funny! Clinton was my favorite president.

  7. Danielle C

    President Trump is the greatest!

  8. Vic

    You took no prisoners with this!

  9. Paula

    Yes! Trump 2020!

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