masc graveyard newHalloween is celebrated all month long here at Balladeer’s Blog. Here’s my review of this Jean Rollin film. For even more reviews of horror films with a nudity theme click HERE  

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Nude Vampire

The Nude Vampire

5. THE NUDE VAMPIRE (1970) – France’s Jean Rollin is one of those love-them-or-hate-them directors. The snooty French often bashed his films for their devotion to style over all else. Don’t believe reviews which claim that his movies have no comprehensible storylines.

Personally I find him more straightforward than Lynch or Jodorowsky. At any rate the central figure of this arthouse Euro-horror is indeed a beautiful female vampire in skimpy outfits and less.

Members of a Suicide Cult have taken to offering themselves up to a vampress who turns out to be science-spawned rather than supernatural. Throw in various allusions to evolution, morality and mortality for good measure.

There’s plenty of eerie and macabre imagery to go with the subtext which not only addresses the previous concepts but also examines the way in which the older generation of any time period always considers the younger generation to be figurative “monsters” who will quite literally inherit the Earth.

I’m not sure if Anne Rice was influenced by Rollin’s films but  fans of her novels will probably enjoy most of this director’s oeuvre.      



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12 responses to “THE NUDE VAMPIRE (1970): MOVIE REVIEW

  1. Matthew T RiMR

    “Devotion to style above all else”

    Is that not the perfect description of Jean-Luc Godard?

  2. Randy

    Is this a sex film?

  3. Ray

    Wasn’t this the guy who did Zombie Lake in the 80s?

  4. Katrina

    Nice! I like a lot of European horror movies.

  5. James

    I think this director sucks.

  6. Renfamous

    I would have to pay people look at me in the nude!

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