Brandon StrakaBrandon Straka, one of millions of us former Democrats who left that party over its growing intolerance and fascism, was banned by Facebook. This latest act of political intolerance from Facebook comes while Straka is trying to organize a March on Wahington.

Brandon’s march will consist of gay, female, black, working class, poor and other groups that have been leaving the Democrat Party in droves recently. Democrats feel they “own” such groups and Facebook’s Democrats always look for ways of shutting down dissenting opinions in order to help “the Party.”

#WalkAwayREMEMBER THERE ARE ALTERNATE SITES LIKE MEWE.COM, GAB.AI, MINDS.COM and so many others that are not Democrat organs. Plus you can use INFOGALACTIC.COM instead of the Democrat outlet Wikipedia. And do searches through DuckDuckGo instead of the fascistic g****e. 


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