Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsIt’s rather pathetic that this even needs to be said, but then the fascist lying trash who hate President Trump are pathetic, too. Below is a video from a Holocaust Survivor reminding Trump-haters what REAL Concentration Camps are. And remember, the so-called “family separations” at our southern border were going on under Obama and George W Bush, too, and the pictures being floated around the internet are virtually all from the pre-Trump years.

On top of which President Trump signed an Executive Order to change the situation that Obama and Bush allowed to continue. But even AFTER that, the “hey, let’s go protest something” fools still held that ridiculous weekend of protests over an issue that had already been addressed.

Trump helping victims of illegal immigrantsTwo comments I will say again: 1. We have long passed the point where, even if I didn’t support President Trump I would be pretending I did just to tick off the pieces of garbage who spew hatred of the man all day long,  and 2. The biggest regret of my life is having ever been part of the Democrat Party.

We need Third Parties desperately. If you’re someone who just can’t bear the thought of us having more than two viable political parties and are terrified of coalition governments, take comfort from the thought that a fracturing of the Democrats and Republicans may be a necessary upheaval and may be the only peaceful way out of our current situation. 

Besides, after a mere decade or even less we’d probably be left with just two dominant parties still standing, anyway. But at least they would NOT be the worthless Democrat and Republican Parties as currently constituted. Anyway, here’s the video as promised:




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  1. Someone

    I’m not far from the Southern Texas border. Laredo and Brownsville are only about an hour to 2 hours or so away. Take comfort that despite what the libtard media says, not every brown person or person of Mexican descent who are American citizens like illegal immigration. Many served in the military or are in law enforcement, pay taxes, and try to raise their kids right. They have relatives across the border in Mexico and know what cluster f__k that country is in some ways. The hordes from farther south are not a winner with them either.

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