Trump Derangement SyndromeFor the umpteenth time, we need Third Parties in America! Anyway, on to the headlines and links.

DEMOCRATS EVEN USE VOTE FRAUD AGAINST EACH OTHER – A Democrat runoff election in Texas was nullified over Vote Fraud. There has since been a guilty plea in this ongoing saga. CLICK HERE 

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS THAT AMERICANS WON’T VOTE FOR – A Registrar in Houston is fighting to keep illegals on the voter rolls. CLICK HERE

DAVID SOLWAY ONCE AGAIN NAILS THE LEFT’S FASCISM – David’s yet another one of us driven away by the Left’s derangement. For his terrific opinion piece Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures, Part 2 – CLICK HERE      If you missed Part 1 CLICK HERE  



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2 responses to “HEADLINES: JULY 9th

  1. Caroline

    All the democrats care about are illegals now.

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