Donna BrazilleHere at Balladeer’s Blog I am still having the time of my life watching all of the white collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans rolling on each other. The latest is former DNC Consigliere Donna Brazille, the ABC “News Woman” (LMFAO) who admitted to feeding Hillary Clinton advance questions going into the televised debates last year.  

Hillary Clinton creepyDonna succeeded Hillary Clinton stooge Deborah Wasserman-Schultz as Consigliere and she has her own book out now about Clinton and DNC corruption. It will come as no surprise to my fellow aficionados of American “tell-all” books about political corruption that Brazille’s work is the typically self-serving wallow.

Donna insists she was “Shocked! Shocked I tell you” – as Louis in Casablanca would say – at how thoroughly Hillary had corrupted the Democrat National Committee.  Wide-eyed Ms Brazille lays out a lot of details on how Obama and Hillary put the DNC so heavily in debt AND how Hillary and her underlings used the DNC apparatus to rob Bernie Sanders of the Democrat Presidential Nomination last year.  

Supposedly this internal gang warfare among the Democrats accounts for the way Carlos Slim’s New York Times went after Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein, who was a key fundraising Capo for Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton.

Lots of fun still to come, I’m sure! We may be seeing more tell-all books from political scumbags than the entire Watergate Era produced!

By the way, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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  1. So what do you identify yourself with?

    • I call myself a Populist. My opinions often upset BOTH liberals AND conservatives but I can definitely say that I want there to still be a free and independent United States decades from now as a minimum. That last item separates the rest of us – whether left-leaning or right-leaning – from the increasingly deranged Left-Wing Archie Bunkers in politics, education and elsewhere.

  2. Johnd47

    I thought u were exaggerating how bad American politicians were until this past year.

  3. Erica

    Very enjoyable! Most people only go after the right but you go after everybody.

  4. i love your blog and i think its going to my favorite!! I’m a former dem 2.

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  18. Lewis

    The Democrats have gotten worse than the Mafia.

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