Sharyl Attkisson

SHARYL ATTKISSON’S LATEST BOOK – Balladeer’s Blog has often praised the courageous Sharyl Attkisson as the 21st Century Ida Tarbell and as the only journalist left in America.

In her latest book Smeared, Attkisson examines the overwhelming political bias – often corporate-motivated – that afflicts television news operations. Click HERE 

Obama laughing2016 SAW A SIXTY-ONE PERCENT INCREASE IN POLICE OFFICERS GETTING KILLED IN THE U.S. – The Obama Legacy at its clearest! Barack Obama thrived on hatred and division. He always ignored the fact that the overwhelming majority of African-American murders are committed by other African-Americans.

The poverty and crime that spawn that tragic reality are too difficult to tackle, however. Instead, Obama and the Democrats always made heroes out of African-American criminals who killed innocent African-Americans – especially if they also killed cops. To Little Barry innocent African-American children gunned down by gangs in Chicago and elsewhere might as well not even exist.    

George W Bush chimpGEORGE W BUSH: STILL GARBAGE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS – No matter how you feel about President Donald Trump you have GOT to admit it is great that we did not get another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Listening to the impotent sniveling of Jeb Bush, George W Bush and the rest of the repulsive Bush Family is great entertainment.

Conveniently forgetting how hated and despised his own criminal family is, George W “I think it would be FUN to invade Iraq on flimsy premises” Bush dared to show his face in public this week. “Dubya” called for key players in America’s cesspool of political corruption to circle the wagons to block any hope of reforming our pathetic system. He accused people who wanted to end the White Privilege of people like the Bushes of being “racists” and did it with his usual blank, compassionless Paddington Bear expression on his face.  


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