Richard Channing 2

*************** Donald Trump = Richard Channing

The drama continues here in the U.S. as President Donald Trump continues to wage virtually a one-man war against America’s notorious sewer of political corruption. Here are some quick takes on just a few of the self-proclaimed enemies of political reform that our roguish President Richard Channing faces.

NOTE: These are foes outside of the obvious trash like the Bush Family, career criminal Hillary Clinton, the Islamic State, Mexican Drug Lords, Faculty Lounge Fascists, etc.

CIATHE AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY – The fact that America’s Intelligence Services – who are quite rightly despised here and around the world – oppose Trump so openly is a GOOD sign.

Any slim chance of political reform would not be possible with anyone embraced by the pieces of garbage who work for America’s CIA, NSA, FBI or “Homeland Security.” (Remember, the repulsive Bush Family were beloved by those outfits.) Trump’s outsider credentials are further cemented by the “Leak War” being waged against him by our homegrown Okhrana.

La RazaLA RAZA – La Raza (Racists Without Borders) are a hate group who – by their own deranged admission – support their own as a kind of Master Race.  “THE Race” is the literal translation and La Raza hatemongers are proud as hell of that fact.

La Raza members can’t get enough illegal immigration and they apparently don’t care how many rapists, murderers and drug dealers repeatedly slip across our eternally unsecured southern border. Illegal immigration means more political influence for them and like ALL such hate groups, power and influence are La Raza’s REAL goal.  

Resistco 2RESISTCO – Yes, the faux rebels of ResistCo love to pretend they are being, like, so totally daring by gutlessly and unquestioningly embracing every brain-dead sing-song slogan and every outdated political opinion that the forces of conformity order them to.

These silly little people aren’t afraid to fly in the face of everything held dear … by long-dead people from the 1950s and earlier. Will they ever have the courage to take on the REAL forces of oppression here in the 21st Century? Not likely. Remember, these emotional cripples need Safe Spaces to hide from reality. 

John McCain sleazyJOHN MCCAIN – Rand Paul, who, like Donald Trump is one of the few U.S. politicians to criticize our political establishment’s love of invading other countries, has publicly stated that “We are all lucky John McCain is not in charge.”

He was referring to the possibly senile McCain’s enthusiasm for the kind of conflicts beloved by the Bush-Clinton Axis of Privilege. 


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  1. I’m new to your country’s politics but I don’t think Trump is nearly as bad as your media says.

  2. Good job on this article! Trump’s foes are far worse than he is!

  3. Linda

    President Trump has impressed me and made me want to see him win over all of these scumbags.

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