mother-jonesBalladeer’s Blog has long been a proponent of the need for Third Parties here in America. Those additional political parties would provide much-needed competition to the corporate owned Democrats and Republicans who hijacked our electoral system long ago.

Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President since the bloated rich pigs who own both parties are all against him. Even Mother Jones – Mary Harris Jones herself – agreed in another posthumous interview with me regarding Trump.

MOTHER JONES: Donald Trump is infuriating ALL the right people to infuriate! Just like  Franklin Roosevelt was accused of being “a traitor to his class” for the relief he brought to the long-suffering working class so President Trump is being regarded with the same hostility by the selfish moneyed interests.

trump-rogue-wonBALLADEER’S BLOG: And I imagine the Harry Truman comparison is the obvious shared trait?

MOTHER JONES: Damn right! President Trump reminds me of Harry Truman because of the way the prim cowards of the American media act shocked and offended whenever the Donald gives ’em hell!  

BB: Now that you mention it Give ‘Em Hell, Donald would make a great one-man show.

MOTHER JONES: You bet it would, young fella. Combine a few of the best qualities of Truman and FDR and you get President Donald Trump. Like FDR he may be a rich man himself but only someone with a lot of capital and a lot of gumption could take on the entire political and financial establishment like he has.

BB: I agree that Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, neither Liberal nor Conservative and that is a plus. But do you think he’ll be able to continue fending off all the selfish interests attacking him?

trump-and-hillary-map-behind-themMOTHER JONES: Who can say? But one thing is for sure, young man, President Trump’s supporters need to make their feelings known. Too many of them are still too timid to say loud and proud that they are behind a lot of the necessary actions and pragmatic programs he is proposing.

BB: Many working class people will be watching closely to see if Trump can really save Social Security like he said.

MOTHER JONES: I’m worried sick about that, too. Will he stay with his original plan or will the Republican bloated rich pigs trick him into fulfilling their obsession with destroying Social Security. Or “privatizing” it, which would be the same thing.

BB: What do you make of the way so many Republican thugs are determined to destroy Social Security?

MOTHER JONES: Damned if I can figure it out! You’d think they’d realize that if they help Trump truly preserve Social Security they would woo the working class maybe permanently. And why do the people who want to eliminate Social Security call themselves “Conservatives?” If you ask me it’s the furthest thing FROM Conservative to want to get rid of an institution that’s been around about 80 years. And like there’s anything wrong with something that helps the elderly after a lifetime in the workplace.

BB: I agree. We are living in transformative times and it will be fascinating to see how the next few years go. Thanks again for your time! It’s always nice of you to take time out from the Land of the Dead to talk to Balladeer’s Blog.


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  1. Lillian

    On behalf of all women I think Trump is a fantastic president!

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  3. I like this! Your articles about presidents are great!

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