Mascot with demo and repub heads

We’re all sick of talking about the election but unfortunately DemoKKKrats and Illiberals are still throwing their childish fits every waking moment. They are unable to deal with the reality that de facto Third Party Candidate Donald Trump defeated the career criminal Hillary Clinton, who didn’t even win twenty states. (We have 50 states, not 57 like Obama foolishly thought.) 

mason-weaverFORMER BLACK PANTHER Mason Weaver joined the countless African Americans speaking out on Trump’s behalf to counter the absurd and frantic screeching of DemoKKKrats and clueless, uninformed celebrities.

In reply to Democrat Congressman John “Do you know who I AM” Lewis irrationally pretending Trump is an illegitimate president, Weaver called Lewis an “illegitimate Congressman” who, alongside other Democrats “presided over the destruction of black people.”   

He joined the oppressors (Democrats) and became a stooge for them,” Weaver said of Lewis, who is “now sitting and presiding over the destruction of the black community; the destruction of black men; the destruction of black women, with drugs and gangs.” 

Weaver called on Congressman Lewis to “apologize” to the American people for joining the Democratic “party of abuse,” which has “always been the party of the Klan; the party that went to war to keep slaves; the party that’s always been the destruction of black people.”

Congressman Lewis “has gotten rich and his people have gotten poorer,” Weaver said. “The black (Congressional) caucus has gotten more power and influence, and the black people they preside over have gotten poorer — more drugs, more gangs, less businesses, less home ownership, less education, more jails.”

marco-rubioMARCO RUBIO, ONE OF THE FAILED REPUBLICANS that Trump scraped off the bottom of his shoe during the primaries, displayed far less backbone than Mason Weaver, however.

Demonstrating the cringing, crawling cravenness that marks all Republicans except Trump (who isn’t even really a Republican, thankfully) Rubio added his own prepubescent whining to the DemoKKKrat chorus criticizing Trump for clashing with John “Please say you remember me” Lewis. They don’t call Marco Rubio “the Pipsqueak” for nothing!

paul-krugmanPAUL KRUGMAN, aka “The Crazy Cat Man Who Thinks Donald Trump Is The Antichrist,” is still frothing at the mouth with impotent outrage at every mention of the Donald. I don’t know if Krugman is just humiliated by the way Trump keeps proving him wrong or if Krugman just really hates poor people and the working class … like his boss, Carlos Slim.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has done more for the working class in the weeks since the election THAN BARACK OBAMA DID FOR HIS ENTIRE EIGHT YEARS! Trump overcame all of those obstacles that the bloated rich pigs of the DemoKKKrat and RepubCorp parties claimed prevented more job growth in America.

I didn’t think he stood a chance of winning the election but countless families around the country have been spared a lot of pain by his defeat of Hillary Clinton. 


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  1. Rachel

    I love this post! President Trump is a hero!

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