Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at the biggest winners and losers of 2016.

obama-in-trashWINNERS: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – No matter who won the presidential election in 2016 they were guaranteed to do a better job than the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama. To quote Democrat Al Franken “No English-speaking person could do a worse job than” Obama.

In all seriousness there is nothing positive to be said about Barry. Perhaps the best description of him came when he attended the G20 Summit and the other world leaders referred to him as “an irrelevant child.” Brilliant!

Jeb Bush

The most punchable face in the Americas.

LOSERS: THE BUSH FAMILY – America’s most repulsive political family got a well-deserved smackdown and an even MORE deserved reminder of how despised they are. No matter how you feel about Donald Trump you have to admit it was HILARIOUS watching him cut Jeb Bush’s balls off in front of the entire world.

Little Prince Jeb went from being the presumptive Republican nominee to being a mere nuisance ineffectually gnawing at Trump’s ankles. And it was PRICELESS the way Jeb’s father and brother boiled with impotent outrage as America ignored their wish to see Trump defeated. How enjoyable was it that as a nation we got one last chance to remind George HW Bush and George W Bush how little we think of them. 

biden crazedWINNER: JOE BIDEN – Vice President Biden went from being America’s Crazy Uncle who should never be trusted with the car keys to being one of the few compassionate voices from the Democrats.

In a year when that party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Japanese internment and the Trail of Tears demonstrated so much hatred of the poor and the working class, Biden stood out for his insight into the ugly changes in the Democrats’ party. If Biden sticks to this theme about the Democrats’ driving away the working class and the poor, 2020’s election might be a win-win if both he and Trump support America’s suffering classes.

jill-steinLOSER: JILL STEIN – Dr Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, started out the year earning respect (but few votes) from the nation for her principled stands against Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton.

Stein seemed to be rising to the occasion, using her party’s limited voice to draw attention to the way Hillary and the Democratic National Committee robbed Bernie Sanders of the party’s nomination. She even put in good words for the working class that the Democrats loathe so completely. After the election Jill threw all that away by serving as an obvious paid front for Hillary’s foolish recount scheme.  



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4 responses to “WINNERS AND LOSERS OF 2016

  1. What did Biden do to make him a winner?

  2. Jill Stein was such a disappointment.

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