EASTWOOD TROOPERS el-paso-eastwood-troopersComment: Why aren’t there more teams called Troopers?

WEATHERFORD KANGAROOSweatherford-kangaroos

Comment: Awesome name and awesome lids.

LEWISVILLE FARMERSlewisville-farmersComment: There’s something about the stark simplicity of these helmets paired up with the unique name the Farmers.

EISENHOWER EAGLESeisenhower-eaglesComment: Yes, that’s Eisenhower as in General and President Dwight Eisenhower aka “Ike.”

SAN ANGELO CENTRAL BOBCATS san-angelo-central-bobcatsComment: The name Bobcats isn’t all that rare but these helmets really stand out.

SOUTHLAKE CARROLL DRAGONSsouthlake-carroll-dragons

Comment: I’ve seen better Dragons helmets out there but I’ve also seen worse.

TIMBERVIEW WOLVES timberview-wolvesComment: These helmets look as lethal as the animals the team is named after.

SOUTH GARLAND COLONELSsouth-garland-colonelsComment: Swords manage to accentuate any helmet.

MESQUITE SKEETERSmesquite-skeetersComment: Yes, that’s Skeeters as in Mosquitos, another unique name to go with a cool helmet.

MORTON RANCH MAVERICKSmorton-ranch-mavericksComment: Purple and Black go great with the name Mavericks.

DEER PARK DEERdeer-park-deerComment: Okay, so I’m a sucker for cool helmets especially when the team name is unique.

NEW BRAUNFELS UNICORNSnew-braunfels-unicornsComment: Here’s a case where the coolness of the team name made up for the comparative blandness of their helmets.

SAN BENITO GREYHOUNDSsan-benito-greyhoundsComment: That mascot on the helmet deserves to get its own cartoon series.

CLEMENTS RANGERSclements-rangersComment: Who were those masked men? They were the Clements Raaaangers. Had to be said.

CLEAR FALLS KNIGHTSclear-falls-knightsComment: Who can resist a helmet with swords AND a shield? Not me, that’s for sure.


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  1. Sam

    Really awesome teams!

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