Tired of the antics of many athletes in NCAA Division 1?

Looking for collegiate athletics that retain the letter as well as

the spirit of the term “student athlete“?  You need look no fur-

ther than the so-called “lower” divisions of college sports. I’ll be

doing a list of some of these teams with what I consider cool

nicknames for NCAA Division 2, 3 and for starters the NAIA.

If you’ve never heard of the NAIA it’s the National Association of

Intercollegiate Athletics. The organization’s slogan is “Champ-

ions of Character” and they pretty much live up to it.

However, for this list the only “character” I’m concerned with

is how colorful a character their team’s mascot is. Here they are

in no particular order.


 Location: Columbia, SC

Conference Affiliation: Southern States Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball,soccer
Comment: Okay, a Koala would be scary enough(?), but a FIGHTING Koala? Those babies will mess you up badly!
Major sports:basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: No, their mascot isn’t a message board jerk provoking flame wars, it’s a classic “old school” troll like you’d find in fairy tales and mythology.
 Location: Lincoln, NE
Conference Affiliation: Great Plains Athletic Conference
Major Sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Forget about that other team in Lincoln, if logo coolness was all that mattered NWU could kick Lil Red’s butt from here to Omaha.
calmaritimekeelhaulersLocation: Vallejo, CA
Conference Affiliation: California Pacific Conference
Major sports: basketball, soccer
Comment: The name Keelhaulers may sound like a bar (“It’s Ladies’ Night at Keelhaulers!”) but that’s no problem since their mascot looks like he can definitely handle himself in rough company.
Location: Brownsville, TX
Conference Affiliation: Red River Athletic Conference
Major sports: baseball, soccer
Comment: Is it just me or is the name Scorpions so cool you’d think more schools would use this nickname rather than the overused Eagles, Tigers, Bulldogs and Wildcats?
fresno pacific sunbirds
Location: Fresno, CA
Conference Affiliation: Golden State Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: This school needs to put that cool logo on their t-shirts instead of just their school name. Are you listening, athletic department?
Location: Ave Maria, FL
Conference Affiliation: The Sun Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: A Gyrene is a nickname for a U.S. Marine, so Semper Fi, Gyrenes! This institution’s sports programs are on the rise so you’ll want to keep a close eye on them. (Especially you Janice and Lonnie!)
virginia intermontLocation: Bristol, VA
Conference Affiliation: Appalachian Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: If you follow NAIA sports you often find it impossible to resist rooting for this team just because they have such a kickass nickname.
jamestown college jimmies
Location: Jamestown, ND
Conference Affiliation: Dakota Athletic Conference
Major Sports:football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Since you couldn’t exactly fit photos of Misters Smits, Page and Cagney on a football helmet the Jimmies went with this much more eye-catching logo for their sports programs.
south carolina beaufort sand sharksLocation: Beaufort, SC
Conference Affiliation: The Sun Conference
Major sports: baseball, soccer (women’s only)
Comment: If you want to play college ball, how can you NOT want to play for a team called the Sand Sharks? And is it just me or would Sand
Sharks make a great name for a Surf Rock band?
Location: Lindsborg, KS
Conference Affiliation: Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: They used to be called the Terrible Swedes (or as Charles Barclay would say “Turrbel Swedes”) but since that doesn’t have the same ring as, say, Fighting Irish, it’s just as well that they’re now called by this shorter, cooler nickname.
Location: New Albany, IN
Conference Affiliation: Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball
Comment: Grenadiers originated in the 17th century as soldiers who specialized in throwing grenades and in assault operations. The name alone must make IU-Southeast’s opponents want to offer their immediate and unconditional surrender.
MontanaTech_150pxLocation: Butte, MT
Conference Affiliation: Frontier Conference
Major Sports: football, basketball
Comment: They’re called the Diggers for short (insert your own Digger Phelps joke here) and their mascot has that certain Marvin the Martian kind of cool.
Location: Chickasha, OK
Conference Affiliation: Sooner Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Drovers are people who move herds of animals in large numbers so basically it’s a variation on the word Cowboy but with more of an attitude.
Location: Davenport, IA
Conference Affiliation: Midwest Collegiate Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: I imagine the good folks at St Ambrose first considered names like Heavyweight Hornets and Pugilistically Inclined Yellowjackets before deciding on Fighting Bees.
point loma nazarene
Location: San Diego, CA
Conference Affiliation: Golden State Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: The King of the Jungle meets the King of the Deep. The Sea Lions have got a nickname and logo so cool you can’t help but wish they would get a football team as soon as possible.
brewtonparkerLocation: Mt. Vernon, GA
Conference Affiliation: Southern States Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: With apologies to Von Richthofen and Davis I prefer my Barons in the mold of the one on the Brewton-Parker logo – pugnacious and wielding two swords at once.
Location: Winfield, KS
Conference Affiliation: Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, soccer
Comment: Preachers was also a nickname considered for this fine institution’s teams. Originally they were Moundbuilders in name only but have long since incorporated an actual moundbuilding ceremony on their campus. On the first Thursday of each school year students take rocks that they have personally decorated the previous evening and add them to a growing mound of rocks begun by earlier students at the college. Special thanks to Sara at Southwestern College for very graciously clarifying the origin of this unique nickname!
Location: St Louis, MO
Conference Affiliation: Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball
Comment: Eutectics involve the process of combining two solids to make a liquid so that gives this school’s teams a fashionably obscure nickname that still manages to sound cool as Hell.
 Evergreen State Geoducks
Location: Olympia, WA
Conference Affiliation: Cascade Collegiate Conference
Major sports: basketball, soccer
Comment: Geoducks (pronounced gooie-ducks, believe it or not) aren’t ducks but are a species of clams that can live more than a hundred years. Til this school’s teams came around nobody outside Kivioq from Inuit mythology had ever exclaimed “Fear The Clam!” .


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