After the phenomenal reaction to my list of The 20 Coolest-Named College Sports Teams You May Never Have Heard Of I’ve put together another Top 20 list. (NOTE: THIS LIST WAS DONE BACK WHEN MY BLOG WAS ONLY COVERING NAIA TEAMS)

To be fair no schools listed in the initial Top 20 list are included, no matter how cool their logo is. Nor are any schools featured if they have been a Cool-Named Sports Team Of The Day. As before this list of 20 is in no particular order and I’ll record votes for the next 20 days for which school has THE coolest logo. You can cast your vote by contacting me at .


Location: Plainview, TX
Conference Affiliation: Sooner Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Pioneers is a pretty spiffy name for your sports teams but when I first saw that logo I thought their teams might be called “The Flying W’s” as in a cattle brand. It would be a unique nickname and still have a connection to their Texas heritage.
Location: Langston, OK
Conference Affiliation: Red River Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball
Comment: I swear to you I have never before seen a lion this angry at the letters “L” and “U”! I thought lions were carnivores, not alphabetivores.
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Conference Affiliation: Great Plains Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: No matter how many times I see it, there’s just something about this logo that reminds me of my local Lincoln Mercury Dealer. You know what I mean?
Conference Affiliation: Frontier Conference
Major sports: basketball, soccer
Comment: No doubt about it! This Griffin looks like he could tear the more sedate Griffin in the Merv Griffin Productions logo limb from limb!
Location: Parkville, MO
Conference Affiliation: American Midwest Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Now THIS is a swashbuckling logo that puts all other Pirates teams to shame! I always throw in the MO because if you run the words “Park” and “Pirates” together it sounds like they’re people who raid recreational areas. “They’re marauders of the monkey bars…plunderers of the playground…They’re PARK PIRATES, coming this fall on CBS!”   (This is the favorite of my good friend Rachel Laird, a big supporter of Balladeer’s Blog!)
Location: Riverside, CA
Conference Affiliation: Golden State Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: I really like this logo. It’s got kind of a Knights Of The Round Table In The 25th Century look. And that gives me a title for my next screenplay!
Location: Shreveport, LA
Conference Affiliation: Gulf Coast Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: This institution’s teams are called pilots as in riverboat pilots. I’m sure we all remember a riverboat pilot who went on to become one of the most popular and beloved authors in American history. That author’s name, of course, is Tom Clancy, “and now you know the rest of the story.”
Location: North Canton, OH
Conference Affiliation: American Mideast Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: I don’t care which side of the English Civil War your sympathies are with, the Walsh University Roundheads just wouldn’t have the same pizzaz that Cavaliers does. (And Dan McCallion, Head Track Coach and Cross Country Coach at Walsh has informed me that the Walsh Cavaliers were around long before the Cleveland Cavaliers came along. And let me add that Walsh has never been jilted by a guy who wears short pants for a living.)
Location: Peru, NE
Conference Affiliation: Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball
Comment: The lesser-know Peruvian toothless breed of Bobcat seen in this picture is every bit as deadly as the regular kind!

11. Lindsey Wilson College Blue Raiders

Location: Columbia, KY
Conference Affiliation: Mid-South Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Not to be confused with the Orange Ravagers or the Maroon Invaders, this Kentucky school is launching football this fall.
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Conference Affiliation: Golden State Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Do the mascots of other schools who use the name Lions for their sports teams ever say to the V.U. mascot, “Get a haircut, ya hippy!”
Location: Alva, OK
Conference Affiliation: Sooner Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rodeo
Comment: That’s right, this school is one of the last few who still offer Rodeo as an intercollegiate sport. And that is one butt-kicking, bucking-bronco riding logo!
8. MidAmerica Nazarene Pioneers
Location: Olathe, KS
Conference Affiliation: Heart of America Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: You have to love how the logo makes their mascot look like a superhero. “It’s Pioneer Man and his sidekick Scout Boy, blazing a trail toward Truth, Justice and The American Way!”
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Conference Affiliation: Mid-Central Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: I looked it up and Saint Francis is indeed the Patron Saint of cougars. Also of ocelots and jaguars. Who knew?
Location: Mobile, AL
Conference Affiliation: Gulf Coast Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: This logo manages to be cool and menacing all at the same time. Do the fans of opposing teams hold up signs that say “Badgers? We don’t need no stinking Badgers!”
Location: Marietta, GA
Conference Affiliation: Southern States Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Not only is this logo perfect for any sports team but it would also make a great calling card for the fictional hero The Green Hornet.
Location: Hillsboro, KS
Conference Affiliation: Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: A version of this cool logo used to be on the Tabor College football helmets but recently they’ve changed their helmet decal to a less eye-catching “TC”. Bring back the bird! (I’ve been advised that the Bluejays may indeed return to the previous helmets! And they say you can’t fight city hall!)
Location: Shawnee, OK
Conference Affiliation: Sooner Athletic Conference
Major sports: basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: Love that logo! And rumor has it this team’s biggest in-state rival is that Oklahoma Presbyterian Pumas team you’ve heard so much about.
Location: Tyler, TX
Conference Affiliation: Red River Athletic Conference
Major sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer
Comment: T.C. can stand for Top Cat, Tim Cowlishaw, Tin Croissants but especially for Texas College. And that logo kicks tail plus those horns on the “T” would let you know where this school is from even without it being spelled out.
Location: Portland, OR
Conference Affiliation: Cascade Collegiate Conference
Major sports: basketball, soccer
Comment: From Merrye Olde Portlande comes this team of Knights.Given the team’s American Northwest location I’m wondering if their coat of arms has a Starbucks logo and a cloud with rain pouring out of it.
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  1. This was a pretty intertaining and very informal list! Thanks for the notification about our school making the top 20, YAH! Good look with further projects….maybe something like. “the coolest school nick-names”-(thats if it hasnt been thrown on the fire already)? I dont know, your the creative one here, lol! Well take care!

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    Assistant Soccer Coach
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      • Thank you very much! It’s always good to hear from you! I’ll be doing a new Top 20 Contest soon, so even though it won’t be about logos it will still include logos. Plus every time I post a new Cool-Named Sports Team Of The Day (every three or four days or so) I always include the logo so you can get a feel for more of them that way, too.

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