bellona-and-rennell-2Balladeer’s Blog’s recent examination of the myths of Bellona Island and Rennell Island has been pretty popular. Here is an extended look at Mautikitiki, the Bel-Ren equivalent of Maui. FOR THE FULL LIST OF BEL-REN GODS CLICK HERE

MAUTIKITIKI – The most popular of the Bel-Ren divine entities classified as Kakai. Obviously this brother of Sina was the Bel-Ren counterpart to Maui (Hawaiian) and Ti’i Ti’i (Samoan). Like those figures Mautikitiki was famous for fishing up islands – in his case Rennell Island.

In Bel-Ren myths Bellona Island was the upper part of the shell of an enormous sea-snail, similar to Iroquois myths in which the world rests on the back of an enormous turtle. Bellona was considered the center of the entire world – an example of the type of ethnic chauvinism common to nearly ALL belief systems.

Rennell Island was beneath the waves and was the special hideaway of Mautikitiki’s father ‘Atanganga, from whose feces he was born. Resenting the way his father kept hiding from him, Mautikitiki created the first canoe, fished up the island and from then on Rennell has been on the surface of the ocean.

Another similarity Mautikitiki has with Maui would be his discovery of fire with the help of a mudhen. In addition Mautikitiki was responsible for naming all the creatures in the sea  – just like his sister Sina provided the coloring and accessories for all the world’s birds – he established the shape and usefulness of all the world’s fish. 

For instance Mautikitiki decreed that the Api’s teeth were to be used as razors, he stomped the Flounder flat, decided that the shark’s teeth were to be used for decoration and for hairbrushes, etc. Oddly, Mautikitiki urinated on the shark, making its meat too stench-ridden to eat. Only the shark’s liver was untouched by the urine and is the only part of a shark that the Bel-Ren people would eat.

Mautikitiki tattooed the coconut crab to give it its color and tore off two of its legs, which why it has fewer than other crabs. The sandpiper bird helped Mautikitiki establish the means of counting the hours.

Alongside another kakai  – named Ngosi – Mautikitiki raided the home of a band of deities who lived in the sky. The pair plundered many of the fruits and vegetables that those figures hoarded in the heavens. From then on those food items grew on the Earth as well. This is similar to a Samoan myth in which the deity Losi leads an assault on the heavenly deities and brings back new foods to share with the human race.

As a monster slayer Mautikitiki saved a woman and her daughter from a gigantic sea slug. When Mautikitiki at last succeeded in killing the creature by shoving hot stones down its throat the beast used its dying breaths to instruct the hero how to treat its head and body separately after he passed away. 

The dead monster’s long body became the trunks of coconut trees while his head became the coconuts themselves. The part about killing a monster with hot stones is similar to myths from Vietnam and the Philippines and elsewhere. The origin of coconut trees parallels Hawaiian and Samoan myths in which Maui or Ti’i Ti’i slay the eel god Tetuna and form coconut trees from that god’s remains.

When Mautikitiki’s daughter was born without a vagina he used his adze to cut the opening into her so that she could urinate and give birth. A tiny part of Mautikitiki’s adze broke off and formed the clitoris. This is vaguely similar to the Inuit myth in which their moon god Tarqeq creates women’s vaginas with his hunting knife.

Mautikitiki’s saga ends in a manner similar to the end of Maui’s saga in Hawaiian myths. Maui tried to free humans from death by winning a race through the land of death ruled over by the goddess Milu, but lost.

Mautikitiki’s brothers were all devoured by a gigantic Tridachna clam at the bottom of the sea. Mautikitiki tried to keep the clam’s mouth open long enough for his brothers and all the other victims trapped in the clam, whose innards were the land of the dead Poo’ungi.

Mautikitiki was not strong enough to keep the clam’s mouth open for the entire day needed for all the victims of death to escape. His arms grew tired and the clam’s jaws snapped shut, condemning all living things to eventual death. Mautikitiki and his brothers had to leave the Earthly plane, living on as the stars in Orion’s belt forever after.  

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