“Hillary Clinton is a disgusting criminal who is in the pocket of the kinds of people I used to fight. Do NOT vote for her.” 

Mary Harris Jones, the legendary labor organizer from the 1890s onward, also known as “the Miner’s Angel” and “Mother Jones,” spoke to Balladeer’s Blog last night, despite being dead since 1930. As the fiery Mother Jones herself put it “If that pussy Joe Hill could posthumously talk to assholes like Joan Baez then I can talk to YOU, young man.”

Seeing no reason to provoke this heroine who fought against outrages like child labor I quickly moved on to ask the reason for her visit. As expected, Jones was blunt:

“I, Mother Jones, whole-heartedly CONDEMN the criminal Hillary Clinton! She and the rest of the Democrats sold out the working class long ago once the rich pigs who owned the Republican candidates started pouring more money into the Democrats’ coffers than to the Republicans’ coffers.

“The richest districts in the United States have been voting for the Democrats in recent elections PLUS Hillary herself is a blatant puppet of Wall Street, which is just as much a pack of thieves as it was in my day. Hillary will continue Barack Obama’s policies toward workers: cozying up to bloated rich pig labor leaders who endorse the Democrats while making life more and more desperate for ACTUAL laborers.

“The scum Obama has treated the working class like a hostile occupying force and that greedy, sickly, amoral pig Hillary Clinton will continue that policy. She’s even more firmly in the pocket of billionaire filth like George Soros and the Koch Brothers, ALL of whom have made clear their hostility toward Hillary’s opponent.”

I thanked Mother Jones for her candor and asked if I could interview her. She declined, saying she was too busy combating unfairness and outrages in the Afterlife. Her last words before she left were “Listen, young man, there’s nothing wrong with you pretending to speak for me. The sell-outs at that magazine they named after me have been doing it since 1970.”  



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