The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that truly criticizes American Liberals and Conservatives equally. I was recently asked if there is any real distinction between the rank and file of American Liberals and American Conservatives.

Yes, there is. American Liberals have a simple-minded attitude of “My political party right or wrong” which is even more imbecilic than the old attitude of “My country right or wrong.” Liberals mindlessly and unquestioningly obey the Democratic Party and believe anything they are told to believe from the Party’s talking points on any given week.

American Conservatives have, in recent years, at last broken away from their own knee-jerk allegiance to the Republican Party. Conservatives have got enough backbone to describe their Party’s leadership and elected figures with the contempt they deserve and no longer support a candidate just because they have an (R) after their name. Witness the virtual Cold War between the Party regulars and their own constituents.

Maybe some day American Liberals will actually grow up and do the same.

On a related note, readers have been asking me for my take on Donald Trump’s run. I’m always flattered that overseas readers in particular tell me they like hearing my opinion of American politics because I genuinely have no dog in the fight between Democrats and Republicans.  

To try to make it entertaining I’ll employ some humor and hyperbole in the following run-down on the potential effect of a Trump candidacy.

*** My feelings toward the Republican Party are unchanged: I wish this outdated and useless party with clueless leaders would fall apart so that a true – and effective – opposition party to left-wing totalitarianism could form.

*** Donald Trump will likely never be the president of the United States. However, his growing popularity shows how thoroughly disgusted so many Americans are with the Democrats and Republicans. Bloated rich pigs now own BOTH parties because money follows power and it’s no secret that the Democrats run rings around the Republicans in the game of politics.

*** It’s difficult to dislike Trump because he’s NOT a real Republican. He’s been a Democrat for the most part, free of the silly Republican obsession with religion and “family values” and with enough partying and pussy to compete with Bill Clinton and the late Ted Kennedy.

*** Some people claim if Trump gets the nomination it will mean the end of the Republican Party. My reply is always “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Trump threatens the Old Money bloated rich pigs of the Republican Party, and I would imagine those pigs would prefer to see their party torn to pieces rather than let Trump – whom they apparently consider to be “an uncouth lout” join their exclusive club. They will sabotage the Donald in every way they can.

*** When it comes to Trump you can ignore the usual reasons for loathing Republican presidential candidates. He says he wants to save Social Security and Medicare, a common-sense way of attracting working class voters whose ONLY reason for voting for Democrats is because Republican presidential candidates usually display an attitude of “Frankly, I cum in my pants at the thought of destroying Social Security.”

*** In my opinion there may very well NEVER AGAIN be a Republican winning the U.S. Presidency. The Democrats have left the Republicans so far behind them in the Media Arms Race that there is literally no way for the Republicans to ever overtake them. I genuinely believe that OBJECTIVE political observers of the future will look back on that as the definitive reason for the Republicans becoming both a joke AND the official national villains.

*** People sometimes try to argue with my previous point by saying “Then how come the Republicans won such historic gains against the Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections?”

Well, for starters mid-term elections are generally favorable to the party outside the White House anyway, though even THAT may change as the Democrats’ virtual monopoly on the media, educational and entertainment industries continues.

  Second, the voters were so fed up with the callous attitudes of the Democrats that they rewarded the undeserving Republicans with those historic majorities. The GOP has already proven unwilling to use their constitutional powers to oppose Obama’s serious overreach on many issues. Again, the Democrats’ media advantage is part of it – the Republican office-holders know they are already the go-to scapegoats for anything that goes wrong in the country and are terrified of even MORE negative press. 

*** The Democrats and Republicans have plenty of built-in ways of gaming the Primary system to exclude true outsiders like Trump and Bernie Sanders. The Democrats’ super-delegate system will defeat Bernie and the Republicans will probably change their convention rules for the umpteenth time to knock out Trump.

*** If either party actually fails to stop Trump or Sanders from getting the nomination it would probably be the Republicans. The Democrats will efficiently swat Sanders away to protect the unlikable Hillary. The bumbling and clueless Republicans might actually get out-maneuvered by Trump since he – as a technical Democrat – has a Democrats’ skill at fighting for power.

*** If the Republicans DO succeed in denying Trump the nomination like the Democrats will surely do to Bernie Sanders he might run as a Third Party candidate. That might be intriguing. He still couldn’t win but it would be funny as hell if he got more votes than the stiff that the Republicans run.   

*** In the unlikely event that Trump DOES get the Republican nomination then he still has no chance of winning. The media outlets that the Democrats have will do what they always do: ignore anything harmful to the DemCorp candidate and blow anything harmful to the RepubCorp candidate WAY out of proportion.

*** Again in the nearly impossible scenario in which he is the GOP nominee Trump’s desire to actually restore the United States’ southern border and to acknowledge the harm that illegal immigration does to working class Americans of ALL colors dooms him. The other bloated rich pigs like Soros and the Koch Brothers will not allow Trump to win.

*** No matter who the Republican nominee DOES end up being, they’ll be painted as Hitler by the media, as usual.

*** Too many bloated rich pigs have sunk too much money into buying favors from Hillary Clinton to let her lose. So, since Trump will never be president I don’t feel any need to deal with him on a serious level. That’s neither an insult nor a compliment, it’s just the truth as I see it as of October 2015. Things could change.  



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  1. I know right? I dont like rethuglicans either but at least they do question their party. Democrats would vote for Hillary even though she’s a bigger crook than Obama.

    • I know what you mean. I used to mistakenly believe Hillary was honest but was just tainted by her association with Bill’s questionable activities with China, etc. Unfortunately she’s all about personal abuse of power and grabbing as much graft as she can.



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