Well, folks, I updated my Bad Movie page with yet another review of an under-the-radar cinematic turkey. This one is a sci-fi/ exploitation hybrid that features plotting and counter-plotting by German and Japanese officers and scientists as World War Two draws to a close. Don’t miss any of the campy fun. For more bad movie reviews click here:

Curse of a Teenage NaziCURSE OF A TEENAGE NAZI (1948) – Category: Bad enough and with an enjoyably weird premise, but not fun-bad enough for my highest rating      No, this isn’t an  educational short about menstruation aimed at teenaged National Socialist girls in 1940s Germany. (Thank you! I’m here all week!) The wonderfully campy b-movie premise of this flick is that the Nazis have developed a “cosmic death ray formula” which is “a thousand times more powerful than the atom bomb”.

Since Germany has already surrendered and their Japanese allies are about to, officers and scientists of both Axis Powers are trying to use the cosmic death ray strictly for their own people, subjugating their former allies along with the rest of the world when they use it to launch World War III. Enter our heroines, all young (ish) women from many nations, seized by the Japanese army earlier in the war and now stolen away by the fugitive Nazis to their hideaway in Japanese territory.

The ladies had been serving as captive enemy aliens at a university hospital but are now to be used as “comfort women” by the German and Japanese officers while their “cosmic death ray” intrigue unfolds. The plotting and counter-plotting between the Nazis and the Japanese becomes secondary – the REAL novelty of this film lies in its cultural kitsch value since it is like the prototype of three future exploitation movie sub-genres:

SUB-GENRE 1- The 1950s Juvenile Delinquents flicks, specifically the ones that deal with troubled teens in reform schools. Noteworthy examples – Reform School Girl, Delinquents Behind Bars and especially Untamed Youth, the Mamie Van Doren film where JD’s are used as slave labor on a farm in the Deep South.

SUB-GENRE 2 – The sleazy Women In Prison films of the 70s with their tawdry depictions of prisoners being bullied and abused by their prison matrons. Noteworthy examples – The Big Doll House, Black Mama, White Mama, The Big Bird Cage, etc.

SUB-GENRE 3 – The over- the-top violent and tawdry “Axis Prison Camp Horrors  Revisited” flicks. Noteworthy examples: Ilsa, She Wolf Of The S.S. from the Nazi angle, The Men Behind The Sun from the Japanese angle.

Other things to love in this odd mish-mash include: a) the “Reading IS Fundamental” opening which bombards the viewer with written script and then confidential file fragments for several long minutes before we hear our first word of dialogue

b) the movie’s attempt to convince us that its lurid subject matter is being presented in the interests of history and education, even though its production company is called Exploitation Film Company

c) the bullying Nazi prison matron who winds up getting hers in a way that would be repeated ad nauseum in 1970s WIP films

d) the comical way the actors in this film literally sink to the floor following the slightest physical contact in the fight and/or brutality scenes

e) the way the American OSS agent impersonating a Nazi officer doesn’t even bother putting on the Hogan’s Heroes level German accent that the other actors do

and f) the way you could make a drinking game from the number of times the imprisoned women slap each other.

In the end the Axis officers are defeated and the cosmic death ray formula goes up in flames with their headquarters, thus saving the world from being conquered by either the Nazis or the Japanese.

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34 responses to “BAD MOVIE PAGE: CURSE OF A TEENAGE NAZI (1948)

  1. Fawn F

    I can’t believe these weird movies you find! And your reviews are always so funny!

  2. Brenda

    Oh my God, so funny! Plus all your reviews contain references to other movies I’ve never heard of so I get a lot more reading out of that, too, by looking them up online.

  3. Dana

    This is your best bad movie review so far. Great job!

  4. Lucian T

    Unbelievable! ur a 1 man film festival!

  5. Where do u find these films? LOL I can’t believe these things are out there and you make them so funny it’s like actually watching them.

  6. Gillian

    LMAO this is so funny! I love reading these bad movie reviews you do! So much fun!

  7. Wendy

    This post was so funny!!! u need to do articles at e-zines

  8. Luv it! And u didn’t skimp on mentioning the hard films like Big Bird Cage and Ilsa.

  9. Bad movies, sports, mythology and movie hosts … u rock dude!



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  13. Lacy

    Such a strange movie!

  14. Bruce M

    Such a strange strange movie.

  15. Earl

    This movie is so bad I only made it halfway through it.

  16. Maureen

    Bad taste but prime movie cheese!

  17. Great review! And so funny too!

  18. Darcel

    omg what a strange and convoluted plot.

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