Balladeer's Blog's Official Movie Hostess, the sexy Casey James.

Balladeer’s Blog’s Official Movie Hostess, the sexy Casey James.

Special thanks once again to Balladeer’s Blog’s Official Movie Hostess, the extraordinarily lovely Casey James. Casey took some time away from stealing the hearts of men and women around the world to host another look at bad films from my archives.

Death Bed

Death Bed

DEATH BED (1977) – My review of this rediscovered lost movie from the 1970’s was one of my most popular posts back in 2010. Death Bed features a water-bed that is alive and has digestive juices inside it instead of merely water. The supernatural bed, spawned by the bloody tears of a demon, devours everyone who lies on it.

No it’s not a joke, it’s a real horror film with one of my favorite weirdass premises. The body count is extremely high as the title menace feeds on literally dozens of victims through the course of the movie. Absurd, bloody and with a narrator who is trapped in a wall near the bed. (Don’t ask.) FOR MY FULL LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

Casey James AAA 2

bloodharvestBLOOD HARVEST (1987) – Real-life folk singer Tiny Tim was still alive in 1987 and starred in this late addition to the decade’s cycle of slasher films. His creepy performance as a psychotic clown in this movie is enhanced by how genuinely disturbed the man-child always seemed to be anyway. 

That aspect of the film exists in a void, however, and is surrounded by nothing but relentlessly inane dialogue, wooden performances, non-scary fright scenes and unintentionally hilarious “serious” scenes. Bill Rebane, the Larry Buchanan of Wisconsin, was the B-Movie legend behind this oddball slasher flick centering on the farm crisis of the 1980’s. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE: 

Casey James AAA 3

DemekingDEMEKING, THE SEA MONSTER (2009) – This isn’t truly a bad movie, just a misunderstood one. It’s a Japanese fantasy film regarding prophecies about a giant monster from space (not the sea, despite the title) who will destroy the Earth in 2019. Bad reviews from kaiju fans have spoiled the movie’s reputation in an unfair way.

The kaiju effects for the snail-like space creature and its arrival inside a meteor are very, very good. The rampage that follows is also presented in a very competent manner. The bad reviews were the result of the monster not showing up until about an hour and 5 minutes into the film, and even then being gone after about 10 minutes. (SPOILER: Just a dream.)

The movie is really a whimsical character study about human reactions to impending apocalypse and to conspiracy theories. So if that’s what you are in the mood for, not a Godzilla film, watch it.

Casey James AAA 4

Curse of a Teenage NaziCURSE OF A TEENAGE NAZI (1948) – It’s up to captive sex-pots of the Axis Powers to help a Bland White Guy from the O.S.S. That undercover agent, employing a Hogan’s Heroes– level German accent, is infiltrating a meeting of top German and Japanese brass as World War Two winds down.

Balladeer's Blog

Balladeer’s Blog

In between witnessing catfights, bullying by Nazi prison matrons, PG-rated shower scenes and hilarious ethnic stereotypes the O.S.S. man actually crams in some spy work. He completes his mission by sabotaging a miraculous super-weapon devised by Axis scientists. FOR MY FULL LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

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    That kaiju one – somebody shoud just upload the good part on vimeo.

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    Bad movies and a beautiful woman!

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    Hot looking woman and cool movie reviews!

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