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Shiva AyyaduraiShiva Ayyadurai, the man who is credited with inventing email among several other life-improving creations such as EchoMail, Systems Health, and CytoSolve, has announced that he is challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her seat in the 2018 elections. 

Mr Ayyadurai, like me and so many other former Democrats, has stated he grew disgusted with the Democrats as long ago as 1984 when he saw them as betrayers of the people. When he was at MIT he even started a student newspaper dedicated to exposing the corruption and failures of BOTH Democrat and Republican office-holders! Obviously he’s Balladeer’s Blog’s kind of thinker. 

And just as obviously the emotional cripples who pretend to be college students in America now would have made his newspaper refrain from criticizing any Democrats.

The link to the full item is below. First some excerpts:

“He recalled the discrimination he and his family suffered under India’s caste system, a harrowing experience he says has shaped him into who he is today.” (Note from Balladeer: And I’d love to hear his thoughts on America’s caste system of Bloated Rich Pigs and their bought and paid for Democrats and Republicans trying to lord it over the rest of us.)

“I saw Trump as a necessary force to disrupt a broken system that was no longer serving the American people,” ... “I’ve always had a deep distaste, since 1984, for both Republicans and Democrats.” He said he’d initially shown some interest in the Democratic Party, but he broke from them that year, after Jesse Jackson, like Bernie Sanders, sold out the populist movement. “Trump never sold out his movement,” he said.

“He saw Trump’s victory as ushering in real change and said Trump’s victory was “bound to occur…. You can’t get away with fooling people over and over again. The truth is what intellectual and Hollywood Elites are upset at … [It] is not Trump, but that they lost control over everyday people, who they discounted as inferior — a lower caste.”

Ayyadurai said he wants to “be of service to everyday people who are getting bamboozled and lied to by the same people who claim to be their saviors. Continue reading


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