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Robert de niroRobert De Niro, fresh from his gripping portrayal of a moronic anti-Trump fascist who hates the working class and the poor, stopped by to chat with Balladeer’s Blog. Bobby Milk told me he can’t believe people took him seriously. It was sheer Method Acting. He spent time with callous one-percenters and hate-filled celebrities to get the feel of the anti-Trump scumbags and turned in a very convincing performance.

De Niro told me he LOVES President Trump and agrees with me that Trump is the new FDR, the new Harry Truman and the new JFK. Here’s some interesting pro-Trump stories that Bobby recommends:

SHARYL ATTKISSON, the 21st Century Ida Tarbell and one of the few actual journalists left in America, took a break from the hard facts she usually serves up and presented this hilarious look at the recent misdeeds of the FBI (Fuggeda Bout Integrity). She calls it The FBI’s Fractured Fairy Tale and the piece deals with the FBI’s lies, mammoth abuses and violations in their pro-Hillary attack on Trump. Click HERE 

DAVID PRENTICE presents a look at President Trump’s successes in foreign affairs and has a good laugh at the expense of “Never Trump” Republican trash and at the expense of the drooling, senile Democrat leadership as well as their fallen, disgraced Hollow Man Barack Obama. Click HERE

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUESTS have finally pried loose even more internal items from the FBI, items linking Bill Clinton’s airport meeting with Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch to plans to whitewash Hillary’s crimes. I despise Nixon as much as anybody but Hillary and Obama’s antics make Watergate look like a parking ticket. Click HERE Continue reading


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Robert Deniro

Robert De Niro and Zac Efron 

Yes, Balladeer’s Blog has another scoop! My sources in the industry – and by the industry I mean the business – have informed me that in keeping with his “you sign my paycheck and I’ll be in your movie” philosophy Robert De Niro will play the title character in the reboot of the teensploitation flick Porky’s.  

De Niro stated he wants to end his career as “the 21st Century Cameron Mitchell, y’know, one of those guys who are in so many movies they become a joke and their earlier, quality stuff gets forgotten. Ya gotta problem with that? I may appear in drag in my next movie. You don’t like it – don’t come see me, awright?”

Johnny Depp has signed onto the project to portray Pee Wee, the character with the notoriously small penis. At first Depp refused to even return the director’s calls but relented when promised he could play Pee Wee wearing weird hats and strange makeup. Continue reading


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