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Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some of the Democrats and Republicans whose activities in 2022 made them deserving of nothing but contempt at best.

pelosi weirdNANCY PELOSI

Gang Affiliation: Democrat

Comment: The bitter and defeated Nancy Pelosi embodies the worst aspects of privileged white one percenters who hold political office. Even though her policies hurt the working class and the poor, she sanctimoniously pretends the opposite is true and presumes to lecture the rest of the country. Nancy is at least as corrupt as the Bidens and Bushes, and several years’ worth of their tax returns deserve to be examined.

Nancy has fueled hatred and political division, abusing her Speaker position to violate Congressional procedures by denying the minority from selecting their own members for committees among other partisan abuses. Pelosi’s childish destruction of her copy of a State of the Union Address was a new low for any Speaker of the House. She TWICE led the Democrats to losing the House of Representatives to the opposition party, the most recent time coming this past November.

nancy pelosi is garbageNancy cemented the ugly practice of last-minute voting on bills so complex and consisting of so many pages that no members of Congress would have time to read them before having to offer their Yea or Nay on the legislation. “You have to pass it to see what’s in it” was literally instituted by Pelosi herself. Pelosi consistently blocked attempts to prevent members of Congress from using their insider knowledge to exploit the stock market, even though the business community AND THE REST OF US would face criminal charges for such insider trading.

pelosi old and defeatedThis repulsive snob’s lies and corruption have made her one of the most destructive and despised Speakers of the House since Schuyler Colfax in the age of the Credit Mobilier Scandal. In addition, Nancy repeatedly kept down newer members of her own political party who sought to bring new ideas to Congress, ideas which the octogenarian Pelosi apparently felt threatened her own wealth and other privileges. Continue reading


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