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STOP THE STEAL SITE.      PROTECT THE  VOTE SITE.   MILLION MAGA MARCH ON WASHINGTON THIS SATURDAY (Other locations are available for those who can’t join us in DC).    JOE CHEATED SITE

Stop the Steal signA Pennsylvania Judge has ruled in favor of President Trump in a case that has wide-ranging implications as it affects the broader strategy and issues going forward in this contested election. Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog has been amazed in the past 9 days over how utterly uninformed anti-Trump loons are when it comes to the basic procedures of our presidential elections. They don’t seem capable of comprehending that the Electoral College doesn’t meet until December 14th or understanding what “certifying” a state’s voting results means. 

Trump in the wayVery odd, considering that just 4 years ago Hillary Clinton and her supporters had recounts done in multiple states AND did videos (with clueless “celebrities” of course) urging members of the Electoral College to “Do the right thing” and NOT cast their votes for Donald Trump.

To add threats and intimidation into the mix Hillary supporters even exposed the names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of Electors. Since then Democrat fascists have refused to accept the 2016 election results. Yet now, as de facto Third Party President Trump is taking perfectly legal steps here in 2020 they act outraged. Hilarious.

And the Democrats’ media outlets lied AGAIN. The USPS whistleblower has NOT recanted his witness account. Wow. Their lies get easier to disprove.

Plus Michigan voters have filed a lawsuit that affects over a million votes in that state.  Continue reading


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