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With the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama slithering out from wherever he’s been hiding while President Trump corrected many of Barry’s blunders it reminded me of three terrific books by Don Surber:

Trump the PressTRUMP THE PRESS – This hilariously wry book covers de facto Third Party President Donald Trump’s successful march to the nomination in 2016. Things never change as you’re reminded of how even back then the deranged and hopelessly biased corporate media predicted the Donald’s destruction DAY. AFTER. DAY.

It’s especially fun to relive how Trump cut off Jeb Bush’s balls in front of the entire world.  BUY TRUMP THE PRESS HERE

Trump the EstablishmentTRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT – Surber’s next book detailed the presidential election of 2016 in which Donald Trump defeated the Democrats, the Republican establishment of stuffy white guys in suits AND America’s corporate media.

Relive Hillary’s humiliation! BUY TRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT HERE

Fake News Follies of 2017FAKE NEWS FOLLIES OF 2017 – Surber kept the hits coming with this look at President Trump’s saving of the economy, relief of the working class and the poor and the continuing propaganda war waged against him by the increasingly shrill and demented American media.

Be reminded of why the media’s approval rating is much, much lower than they pretend Trump’s is.  BUY FAKE NEWS FOLLIES OF 2017 HERE

Sorry for all the political posts lately but until such time as I can log onto the internet without immediately seeing hysterical anti-Trump lies being peddled I can’t help but feel obligated to respond like this. 


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