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laura screamingHere at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve never made any secret of my fondness for David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks. I’m even a huge fan of the 2017 continuation of the series. Well, for the most part. I could have done without the introduction of time traveling into the series and the notion of Laura Palmer being some sort of Chosen One figure.

At any rate, the past two years have seen plenty of rumors that a Season Four or a spinoff series or a companion series to Twin Peaks was in the works. The working titles that supposedly concealed the fact that this new Lynch project was actually a Twin Peaks show were Wisteria and/ or Unrecorded Night.    Continue reading


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Laura Palmer wrapped in plasticIt’s been just over two weeks since the finale of the 18 episode run of new Twin Peaks chapters on cable. Like many other fans I’m still digesting some of those new episodes in light of the gloriously dark and nightmarish conclusion, so this particular blog post applies ONLY to the original Twin Peaks television series, the 1992 film Fire Walk With Me and its deleted scenes from The Missing Pieces.

Here at Balladeer’s Blog I’m often surprised at the way so many detractors still try to insist that the show and the movie made no sense. And bear in mind I am NOT referring to the various theories over particular symbolism or the lengthy debates to be had over the ethical and philosophical implications of the storyline.

No, I’m referring to the way some people dismiss the entire project as if it’s a bunch of weirdness with no discernible plot or storyline. There IS SO a (very) easily discernible plot and storyline. And I’ll say again I’m NOT talking about deeper meanings which no two people may ever agree upon, but the basic tale. Continue reading


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twin peaks the return 2Last Monday here at Balladeer’s Blog I posted about how great Episode 16 was and mentioned the fact that the two final episodes would be shown back to back on Sunday, Sept 3rd.

Now that the final parts have aired I feel that Episode 17 was for the fans and Episode 18 was for David Lynch himself. Fans who want tidy closure got as much of that as Lynch is capable of providing in Episode 17. (And hey, looks like NOBODY can play a Long Game like Gordon Cole can. Although I guess that’s easy to do when it’s not your OWN butt trapped in the Black Lodge for 25 years.)

Episode 18 struck me more like a Lynchian horror film. Especially that ending. I loved it and if that is all the Twin Peaks we ever get I am just fine with it. If you aren’t, then blame our beloved hero FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

Cooper could have just left well enough alone, but no. And he piled foolishness upon foolishness in Episode 18, just like characters in a horror film do. As a MINIMUM, after all he had learned and all he had been through why would he go anywhere near any establishment bearing the name Judy?

Twin Peaks the return 3I was disappointed to see Coop and Diane get together (however briefly) instead of him and Audrey, but what can you do?

The thing that impressed me the most about Lynch’s directing on this 18 episode run was the way he kept up with the times. More so than many of the long-time fans did.

The original Twin Peaks used the story-telling approach of soap operas, while this revival employed the dramatic structure of ARG’s. Frost and Lynch out-did some of the twenty-some year olds who have been flooding the internet with ARG’s for years.

And I was not disappointed at all with that closing scene. A clip of the final four minutes and 20 seconds is below. WARNING: If the names Chalfont and/or Tremond aren’t familiar to you from the original Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me then you won’t get the horror of the ending.

Since even the freeze-frame on the video gives away info, people who don’t want the closing scene spoiled in any way should NOT click to read more: Continue reading


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Twin peaks the returnSay what you will about Mondays, I don’t know how anyone can feel anything but great today after last night’s developments in Twin Peaks: The Return.

Cooper’s okay, Audrey danced in whatever odd purgatory/ coma/ lodge/ mauve zone she’s in and two of the right characters got killed. On top of that you had the Dougie Tulpa, the Diane Tulpa, Richard’s wild death scene, it was terrific!

twin peaks the return 2I was one of the people who was actually okay last week with Philip Jeffries being reincarnated as a teapot-kinda-thingie because hey – David Bowie’s dead in real life. With that voice actor imitating Bowie pretty well maybe they’ll give us a brief scene of old Bowie footage with this guy dubbing in new dialogue for a Jeffries Tulpa.

Anyway, as all parties converge on the town of Twin Peaks the final two episodes will air back to back next week! Let’s hope there’s not another premature drop in the U.K.    Insert your own coffee joke here and drink a toast to the only 2017 television series with a cast whose median age is about 68. (I’m kidding.)


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