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hillary-clinton-haitiCLINTON FOUNDATION: THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE EVER? – Revelations continue to pour in about the misuse of money by the Clinton Foundation (Motto: “Michael, we’re bigger than the Gambino Crime Empire.”). Investigations reveal that – as disgusting as it was when it appeared that only 10 percent of the contributions to the Foundation actually went to charity – the real figures are even worse.

The latest findings reveal that only 5.7% of the money found its way to charity. FIVE POINT SEVEN! But hey, the other guy’s orange and has weird hair and – as the world knows – Americans are the most shallow creatures alive! 

obama-supporters-are-sheep-bigOBAMA SUPPORTERS: THE MOST UNINFORMED PEOPLE ALIVE? – Each day assorted Obama fascists comment on some of the blog posts I’ve written over the years bashing that weak, inept and crooked little man. They’ve become so easy to defeat and are so ignorant about politics and history I’m announcing right here that these ankle-biting jackasses need to pass a test before I will bother answering them.

*** If you Obama fascists don’t even know who your Senator and Congressional representatives are, don’t expect an answer. (I’m betting many Obama supporters don’t even know how to find out this information.)  

*** If you Obama fascists actually think the U.S. was the first country to use slaves, don’t bother leaving a comment. Same deal if you think the Mossad staged the 9-11 attacks or if you think we never landed on the moon. (This will rule out at least half of Obama’s supporters.) Continue reading


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