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mascot donkey and republican headsOverseas readers have been asking me about the Liz Cheney situation in Congress. Since Balladeer’s Blog is an Independent Voter site I’ve always made it clear I would be fine if both the Democrats and Republicans splintered into multiple smaller parties because neither one represents the needs of their constituents at this time. That’s why people know they will get a response from me that is NOT motivated by political party bias.

I would love to be able to describe the situation without having to discuss the Donald Trump angle, but our insane media loves to pump up ratings by making EVERYTHING about Trump, so there is no way around it. Links to news items regarding the following remarks are presented below.

To begin with, Liz Cheney is political garbage from the Republican Party. Her father is THE Dick Cheney, Vice President under the repulsive and disastrous George W Bush. (Remember the much lauded movie Vice? That’s her “daddy.”) Her father’s conflicts of interest and blood-soaked ways of making money off the still-going Middle East conflict that the Bush-Cheney Administration LIED THE COUNTRY INTO are still relevant.

LIZ CHENEY REPRESENTS EVERYTHING AND EVERY POLICY THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD CONDEMNED AMERICA FOR OVER THE COURSE OF NEARLY A DECADE. She and her family are part of the obscenely corrupt and callous Bush Family wing of the Republican Party. The wing of open-ended warfare, of looking for new countries to invade, of contempt for the working class and the poor and so many other abuses.

The Cheney-Bush Republicans have been feuding with Donald Trump over the years for a number of reasons, INCLUDING the way that Trump kept Jeb Bush out of the White House in 2016. The horrific Bush-Cheney wing felt Jeb Bush, part of one of the most corrupt and harmful political families in history, “deserved” the presidency. There is no need to choose sides in this, of course, but don’t believe the way that the Democrats’ media outlets are depicting Liz Cheney like she cares about anything except putting the disgusting Cheney-Bush Republicans back in the driver’s seat.

democrat republican or awakeAnd remember, even if you hate Donald Trump, another reason the Cheney-Bush Warmongers opposed him is because HE KEPT THE U.S. OUT OF ANY NEW WARS. Even the most anti-Trump media outlets in the U.S. are often willing to concede that point. AND SINCE THE CHENEY-BUSH WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WANTS ALL-WAR, ALL THE TIME, WITH VAGUE OBJECTIVES THAT THEY CAN ALWAYS CLAIM HAVEN’T BEEN MET YET, THAT IS WHY LIZ CHENEY AND HER ILK BASH TRUMP. If you back her, you’re backing open-ended warfare, among other things.   

Our country’s Democrat Media outlets are, of course, painting Liz as “the good guy” because they are still motivated by their bizarre and obsessive anti-Trump hysteria AND because, as anyone can understand, the more in-fighting among Republicans, the more that helps the Democrats. Any political party’s media outlets would encourage in-fighting among their opponents.

A bigger problem comes in with the way America’s notoriously dishonest and shallow media reflexively canonizes ANYONE who criticizes Trump. That is why we have seen some of the ugliest political grifters in decades get lionized by the media if they bash Trump, and all the facts get ignored in the mad rush to side with them.

Even if you really, really hate Donald Trump, we have had several years now to see that reactionary anti-Trump hysteria prompts some people to instantly revere some horrible people. Look at Governor Andrew Cuomo’s now-exposed coverup of his negligent slayings of the elderly in New York elder-care facilities AND of his repeated sexual assaults. Just because he and Trump were in public disagreement, the disgusting Cuomo was being hailed for his (now revealed as lies) “press briefings” on Covid. Democrats even gave him an Emmy for them before the truth came out, remember?

For additional reminders of the way our irrational and dementedly partisan media acts like “disagreement with Trump washes away all crimes and sins”:

mccain warmonger*** John McCain, the racist Republican warmonger who did more than anyone else to try to stop America from having its first African-American president, was, of course, LATER treated like a statesman by the Democrats’ media outlets because he feuded with Trump. Hell, if you have a short memory or were too young to have noticed it, John McCain was, once upon a time being likened to Hitler, etc. For just one small (and light-hearted) example, you can still see Family Guy reruns like the one depicting the time-traveling Stewie and Brian encountering Nazis in the World War Two era wearing John McCain buttons. (The cartoon dates from around when McCain and Sarah Palin were running for president and vice president in real life.) Continue reading


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