Trump ala Lech Walesa and Nelson MTHE DAUGHTER OF THE JUDGE IN THE TRUMP CASE WORKED FOR THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN. In an honest judicial system, this judge would recuse himself.

AND THE JUDGE WAS A BIDEN DONOR PER THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION. An honest judge would recuse himself, given that the case involves a man who is a political rival of the candidate he helps finance.


Balladeer’s Blog launched in 2010, long before there was even a hint of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, yet I was already, over and over again, making blog post after blog post about how corrupt both major political parties are in the United States.

Trump in the wayCOUNTLESS times I raised new and old instances demonstrating that the Democrat and Republican parties are nothing but rival gangs of white-collar criminals running the country like a Mafia bust-out scheme. Virtually every member of Congress leaves office having accumulated enormous wealth or obtaining VERY lucrative employment in industries they exercised legislative authority over, giving every appearance of being rewarded for services rendered while in political office.

Even efforts at preventing Insider Trading on the part of members of Congress have been blocked. Both parties have been complicit in too many corrupt practices to list in one article, but many of those practices have been covered here at Balladeer’s Blog since 2010, years before Donald Trump even declared his candidacy in 2015.

Both major political parties and many of their appointees continue to be part of the cesspool of corruption which masquerades as the United States government. As I mentioned countless times from 2010 onward, the only hope would lie in an outsider candidate who was NOT a “made” member of the career politician clique.

trump love him or hate himIn the past several years, despite the never-ending FLOOD of exposed crimes and corruption by other political figures, the ONE figure who has been targeted over and over and constantly lied about has been the outsider Donald Trump. The white-collar criminals of the Democrat and Republican parties – with sadly few exceptions – have participated in playing gatekeepers regarding who may or may not enter “their turf.”

The message from these thugs who hold office has been, and continues to be “If anyone who actually tries to reform the Washington DC sewer ever again dares to take us on, THIS is what we will do to them, their associates and whoever else we decide is in our way.”

Phony Russian Collusion nonsense, two contrived and phony impeachments, accusations that he plotted to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, that he was on the verge of running his own nuclear weapons program in Florida, absolutely NO accusation was too bizarre for the career politicians Trump opposed, NO distortion of his words was too blatantly false for those bought and paid for whores or their media outlets.

I can honestly say that the most ignorant, most uninformed, most pretentious and most historically illiterate people I have ever heard from are anti-Trump zealots. I have bashed politicians from both parties, including repulsive figures like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. And I have offered words of praise for a few politicians from both parties, including Democat Franklin Roosevelt and de facto Third-Party President Donald Trump.

No matter how much anti-Trumpers lie about Trump supporters and why they support the man, the truth is that he was the greatest president for the working class and the poor during my lifetime. He was the only president in DECADES to keep America out of any new wars (thus making enemies of the same military-industrial complex that Eisenhower called out). 

Trump’s tax cuts benefitted ALL Americans, not just the wealthy, like the Republicans and Democrats usually manage to do, despite the lies told by Trump’s enemies. Some of those lies seem to have come from people whose minds are trapped in the paradigms of the 1980s and/or the disastrous George W. Bush years, when tax cuts really did benefit just the wealthy.

Trump attracted more voters of color and Latin voters than any other candidate from his nominal party in decades. Trump’s economic policies brought about the lowest-ever black unemployment and brought back countless jobs that we were told “ain’t coming back” by callous establishment politicians.

trump greatestMany of us had aged loved ones who benefitted from Trump’s maneuvers to get Big Pharma to partly reign in their obsession with obscene profits, thus making an enemy of them as well. I could go on and on about Trump’s accomplishments, even though he had to fight the kleptocrats from BOTH major parties, but this post is already long enough. 

The fact that the worthless, greedy, career criminals who hold office and their media outlets have singled out one person for such a deluge of totalitarian, unconstitutional attacks is making Trump the American Lech Walesa, the American Nelson Mandela, the new Eugene Debs, and on and on.

The largest part of Trump’s appeal is that he is being targeted by the same ugly forces that do so much damage to people who don’t have enough money to fight back. 



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  2. Reblogged and I knew this all along. I no longer talk with Republicans and Democrats in my family

  3. Yes, indeed, an openly and boldly public crime syndicate runs America. America is hostage to this criminal element. I offer no solutions for middle America. It will remain as it is until middle America, the body-count majority, discovers its own Woke, and deny politicians use of minority Wokes as tools to accomplish their greedy, immoral, illegal ends.

  4. If former President Trump is jailed:
    1) There will never be peace in Ukraine or Europe.
    2) The U.S. will be on the brink of civil war if there is no longer an undeclared civil war.
    3) The bankruptcy of the banks and the state will be inevitable.
    4) The only beneficiaries who will see their pockets full of dollars will be the large corporations that manufacture and sell weapons for the Pentagon.
    5) China will eventually crush the U.S in any battle.

  5. What the heck do we do to stop it? I used to think truth will out… Not sure…

  6. It wasn’t Pres. Trump who refused to go after Hillary Clinton, it was AG Jeff Sessions. I suspect there were too many Republicans involved with the Clintons. I suspect there are too many Republicans involved with the Bidens, too.

  7. Yep, absolutely yep – mafia.
    Wonderful post, perfect commentary, and fitting memes.

    • Thanks for the kind words! It’s tough to feel motivated some days given how things are going, so it helps to hear from readers.

      • I believe I understand how you mean. On the upside, I think more people appreciate political discussions and enlightening information than is appreciated anything regarding lizards. : ) You are welcome and keep up the necessary great work. I may very well speak for others with that.

      • Again, thank you! I appreciate it! It’s good to hear that once in a while.

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