democrat platform hatredHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve long pointed out that one of the many things that drove so many like me away from the Democrats is the way that financially comfortable Democrats are every bit as callous and uncaring toward the working class and the poor as the richest snobs ever were.

Democrat court jester Stephen Colbert aka “Joe Biden’s C*ck-Holster” recently expressed The Party’s pompous disdain for the rest of us. Colbert said he’s “willing to pay more for gas because that’s the cost of a clean conscience. Also, he’ll “pay $15/gallon because he owns a Tesla.” Got it, peasants?

democrat snob

Democrat snob

The Democrats’ attitude is still “Screw you people for not being one percenters like us media cheerleaders for The Party!” Unfeeling pigs like Colbert don’t care how much you’re already suffering because of Joe Biden’s inflation and his other disastrous policies. Many of them also adhere to The Party snobbery which dictates that if you don’t like how much you have to pay for gas, just buy an electric vehicle.

To raise an old question, I’d like to ask Democrats “What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive?”

Anyway, all of this reminded me of the way American “comedians” are no longer irreverent or daring. Instead of the old saying about bold comedians being willing to “Insult a king to make a beggar laugh,” gutless snobs like Colbert prefer to “Insult beggars to make kings laugh.”

So let’s walk down memory lane with this look at my August 2016 blog post addressing this situation when it was embodied by the spineless panderer to the Democrat administration then in office – Jon Stewart, whose motto seemed to be “Brown nose ON (when backing The Party), Brown nose OFF (when ridiculing the working class and the poor).” 

jonathan stewart

Brown nose ON … Brown nose OFF: Jonathan Stewart – who STILL refuses to donate more to charity –  embodied comedic gutlessness by coordinating with the current administration to make sure he never offended them. That’s called being a propagandist and a panderer, not a comedian.

Comedy is at its best when it is irreverent. The more powerful the object of ridicule the richer the laughs. There’s an old saying about a comedian being so supportive of the world’s underdogs that “He’d insult a king to make a beggar laugh.”

American comedians have become such spineless panderers that they’ve lost any real edginess and especially any desire to be on the side of the underdogs. That would be, like, SO not cool, dude! Today American comedians would much rather insult beggars to make kings laugh.

These Court Jesters of the rich and powerful flaunt a deep disdain for the working class and the unfortunate. America’s comic performers of today sneeringly dismiss the working class and the poverty-stricken as “stupid” or “uneducated” the same way bloated rich pig Republicans dismiss the working class and the poverty-stricken as “lazy.” 

Jonathan Stewart older

*** *** *** **  Know what the exact opposite of an irreverant comedian would be? Jonathan Stewart. He took shots at ONLY the safest targets of the moment. Grow a pair and get back to us, worm.

The Jonathan Stewarts and Samantha Bees of the world would never be caught dead siding with the “ignorant hicks” who aren’t rich or don’t hold positions in their political party. The poor and the unfortunate are there to be ridiculed for the amusement of the ruling class and for the career advancement of those court jesters.  

Genuine satirical comedy follows the path of MOST resistance, but the current worms who play at comedy would rather side with the rich and powerful against the disadvantaged. These pompous pricks are about as “daring” as a bully ridiculing the nearest fat person or someone missing a limb. And ALL to put smiles on the faces of elitist jackasses.

Jonathan Stewart 3

One percenter Jonathan Stewart always sided with Obama – the most powerful man in the world – against the working class victims of Obama’s policies. What a guy!

Jonathan Stewart was so much of a lackey for the Democratic Party he used to meet regularly in the White House with Obama to make sure his humor was Government  Approved. How courageous! Bill Maher ridiculed the elderly veterans of what Brokaw called “the greatest generation” when their infirm bodies and aged minds hindered them from circumventing the barriers put up at war memorials during the government shutdown in 2013. Oh, if only one of them had fallen down and broken a hip! Such hilarity, right Bill?

And yes, I know, Little Jonny Stewart would sometimes pretend that Obama’s disastrous policies were good for the poor and the working class, yet NEVER had an actual member of the working class on his show. Probably because an actual member of the working class would have pointed out how damaging and heartless Obama’s policies really were.  

Oh, and George Harrison wasn’t in comedy but he wrote The Tax Man to take a shot at tax collectors. That would be unthinkable now for the drones of comedy. You say the politicized Internal Revenue Service is abusing its power by harassing critics of the current presidential administration? Saturday Night Live did sketches ridiculing the IRS’ VICTIMS, not the bureaucratic party hacks tormenting citizens.

So, all things considered, yes, describing American comedians as sycophants who would insult beggars to make kings laugh is very, very fitting. 



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  1. And [idiots wonder] why it is the working people are so pissed at politicians and freeloaders.

  2. This is pretty much the theme of my post, too. I point out how Biden’s Russia oil ban will hurt Americans who have been suffering under months of his inflation. Still, when asked about gas prices, Dementia Joe promotes electric cars. You know, those luxury items that start at $55,000.

  3. Further, I point out that, while Joe has gone to a socialist regime to help it out if its hole by dealing with them, he has not made demands of Europe (who will reduce their imports by 2030), China, India, …

    He is only impinging on capitalists.

  4. Regarding Colbert, I saw that yesterday. My thought is to bring an electric drill and a hole saw (used normally for drilling a hole through a door for the door knob set). I would then fill his Tesla with gas.

  5. “Your Majesty, the people are hungry!”
    “Give them some brioches!”
    So we know what happened to Marie Antoinette.
    It started with the Royals and then came the time of their jesters…. I wonder if it is a true story or just what they tell us to reconcile us with our lack of democracy (I speak as a European)

  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Democrats still hostile to the working class and the poor; meanwhile, at the ranch they, especially, give them their votes and their voice, like Joy Reid on CNN. Look at the job she has and she continues disparages President Trump for all he did for the blacks while in office. We know she was pushed up the ladder without any IQ tests. Why do we know that – because – no one would make the stupid remarks she makes ever day by continuing to call everything racism. A good example is – calling the Ukraine war – racism – because white people/religion are being blown up by Putin’s thugs and the fact is being covered by the media 24/7. Does that make any sense?


    • I know what you mean! I think the decades of being told over and over again that the Democrats were supposedly the party of the working class and the poor are making it harder for some people to see how much this political party has changed for the worse.


  8. endorsum,
    Biden and his ilk have built a fence around the buildings of the Capitol.

    What you say we build a guillotine just outside of that fence?

  9. Hello

    Great post, thank you. I have seen Mr Coberk on You Tube. Not impressed.

    I see, according to Wikipedia, that Stephen Tyrone Colbert has had a species of parasitic wasp from Ecuador named after him. Makes sense.

    Jonathan Stewart comes from a broken home. Sad chap. Makes sense.

    Samantha Bee, according to Wikipedia, says “Dating from well before the turn of the 20th century, if there has ever been a successful, happy marriage in my family lineage, I’ve yet to hear about it.” She comes from a broken home. Sad girl. Makes sense,

    They seem to want to find their identity, so take it out on those who have one, those who actually do some useful work. Instead these so-called comedians pander to the so-called elite and super corrupt. Very sad people.

    These American comedians are sycophants as you say. Or sick O’Phants, as we are sick of them.

    Or even psycho-phants as they are quite mad.

    Kind regards


  10. Someone

    I saw the Colbert clip off of a Gab posting. What really amazed were the trained seal idiot audience who clapped his comment. Do these fools have any idea what they are agreeing to? Or was their an applause sign? And these people ‘get to vote to’ as they say. Anyway, $4 per gallon down here in South Texas.

    I want all the Biden voters to come forward and tell us how great things are these days.


  12. Since comedians work for a living, they are working people, too! Without an audience, they are nothing.

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