Balladeer’s Blog’s end of year retrospective continues with the Best of June:

prime cut picPRIME CUT (1972) – My review of this neglected gangster movie about a Chicago enforcer sent to nip in the bud an incipient rebellion from a defiant Kansas crime boss who is technically subordinate to Chicago. Click HERE.

JUNETEENTH: THE DAY DEMOCRATS LOST THEIR SLAVES – The Democrats and their long love of their “peculiar institution” of slavery. Click HERE. More HERE.

TEN TELEVISION FLOPS – Balladeer’s Blog’s look at ten bizarre, failed attempts at launching a television series. Click HERE.

FIRST SIXTEEN FIGHTING YANK STORIES FROM THE 1940s – The early tales of the patriotic Nedor superhero. Click HERE.

populism picESTABLISHMENT FEAR OF POPULISM – America’s notoriously corrupt political establishment has always feared and attacked great populist leaders like William Jennings Bryan, Eugene Debs and Donald Trump. The white-collar criminals who run our political system condemn populism with ever-changing slurs. Click HERE.

light speed esper coverLIGHT SPEED ESPER (1967-1968) – An overlooked science fiction television series from Japan about a heroic boy who fights off invading aliens with the high-tech suit he wears. Click HERE.

THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION IN THE SECOND MADAGASCAR CONFLICT – A look at the Legion’s 1894-1895 participation in the French invasion of Madagascar. Click HERE.

I WOKE UP EARLY THE DAY I DIED (1998) – My review of the Billy Zane movie based on the legendary unproduced script written by THE Ed Wood. Click HERE.


shang chiSHANG-CHI: HIS FIRST TWELVE ADVENTURES – An examination of Shang-Chi’s first 12 stories in the 1970s. Click HERE.

MORE NEGLECTED AMERICAN VICTORIES IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR – A look at several overlooked battles from late 1775 and most of 1776. Click HERE.

THE YEAR 2440 (1771): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – In this old forbidden book which was owned by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, we readers get a glimpse of life on Earth in the title year. Click HERE.

Joe Biden dem in dementiaTHE PEOPLE VS JOE BIDEN – The corrupt yet senile Joe Biden is even worse than the repulsive George W Bush. Articles covering Biden’s many crimes against the rest of us are right HERE, HERE, and HERE.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: PRIVATEER ACTION IN SEPTEMBER OF 1778 – The title says it all about one of the busiest months for American Privateers during the war. Click HERE.

swallowed by an earthquakeSWALLOWED BY AN EARTHQUAKE (1894) – Ancient science fiction. Adventures in a subterranean realm. Click HERE.

THE FIRST TWENTY SPIRIT OF 76 STORIES FROM THE 1940s – The opening score of Golden Age tales of the Harvey Comics superhero the Spirit of 76. Click HERE.

NEGLECTED DC COMICS SUPERHEROES OF THE GOLDEN AGE – Overlooked figures like Air Wave, Everyman, Flying Fox, Guerilla and Lady Danger. Click HERE.

what's newWHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT? (1965) – A review of the daring-for-its-time sex comedy. Click HERE.

A FORCE OF ONE (1979) – My review of this Chuck Norris film. Click HERE.

THE FOREVER-TAINTED 2020 ELECTION – Overseas readers tell Americans not to be deluded that our elections are exempt from cheat by mail and other vote fraud. Click HERE. And even more court cases and investigations HERE.

TOPICAL THUNDER – Current events items about Big Tech fascism and so much more. Click HERE.



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2 responses to “BEST OF JUNE 2021

  1. “What’s New” copped my attention. Even at the time I thought this deliriously stupid, poorly acted, and felt cheated on behalf of everyone in my car – yes, a drive-in viewing. Paula Prentiss the only redeeming chunk and I thought less of her afterward. Good read before calling it quits for the day. Thanks.

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