So what else is new? With Democrat violence already breaking out over the trial of an 18 year old labeled a “white supremacist” by Democrat lies for shooting three white people, here are some political cartoons and memes about the case. tulsi on rittenhouseAnd here’s a look at the three people being called “heroes” by Democrats. (Maybe they’ll build statues of THEM, too.)democrats call them heroesAnd below is an excellent reminder of the way Corporate Fascists do the Democrats’ dirty work for them, even interfering with people’s attempts to secure good legal help.

corporate fascists against rittenhouseA perfect take on Democrat insanity right now:

doni on rittenhouse

A reminder of how the Democrat fascists eventually come screaming for everyone:

democrat fascists are coming for youSteven Crowder puts it in perspective: 


crowder on rittenhouseDemocrat media outlets get it wrong.

democrat media got them all wrongAnd below is a reminder of the racism of Joe Biden, who eulogized Ku Klux Klan official and fellow Democrat Robert Byrd.biden called a man negro



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  1. Resist! The next step is single-mindedness and the big emporia of telematic sociality are already aligned on how where and when 😎

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    When was the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

    In the aftermath of the August 2020 police shooting of Jacob Blake, protests, riots, and civil unrest occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and around the United States as part of the larger 2020–2021 United States racial unrest and Black Lives Matter movements.

    What did people throw at police in Kenosha?

    Protesters threw a Molotov cocktail at police in Kenosha. Rallies were held on the streets with protesters chanting “No justice, no piece.” People demonstrated outside the Kenosha County Public Safety Building despite a curfew that was imposed until 7am on Monday.

    Riots & looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin as police reportedly …

    Who were the speakers at the Kenosha riot?

    Speakers included the father of Jacob Blake, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and others who called for police reform legislation. The group marched to the Kenosha Courthouse chanting, “7 bullets, 7 days”, “One Person, One Vote” and “No Justice, No Peace”.

    Why did the men go to Kenosha Mo?

    Raw Video: Riots, Mass Arson In Kenosha, Wisconsin After …

    It wasn’t clear to me why the town/state government allowed this to happen after the federal government wanted to send support and it was rejected.

    If these same people are still in the state/city government – it is the people’s fault if they haven’t thrown them out of office by now.

    These groups of people who are causing this mayhem should be shown that the city folks will not allow this. Was this young man trying to help the city and keep these people from ruining the town as they did?

    We have to understand – violent people have no brain power for restraint in times of a crisis. Question: Do they have any before the crisis?


  3. My favorite out of all of this is the tweet by Andrew Sullivan. Luckily, you have a screen capture of it, since it will likely be removed from Twitter now that I have noticed it.

  4. Someone

    I like Tulsi’s comment, but she is also an apologist for the anti-gun crowd. If it were not for the 2nd Amendment, Kyle would not be with us today. The guys he shot were looking for trouble, and their deaths are actually a benefit to society.

    • Oh, I know she is, but she can’t threaten it on her own, and she was brave enough to catch even more flak after the verdict by pointing out that the case should never even have been brought to trial.

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