mascot donkey and republican headsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes once again that the people who work in America’s media outlets may be the only life-forms who are even lower than our career politicians. We just saw the Democrats at NPR finally admit they misled the public into thinking the scandals against Hunter Biden had been “discredited by U.S. Intelligence.” It was necessary for Democrat media outlets to make such claims because the Biden Family scandals were threatening the Biden campaign, but now that it is safe, they will admit to their claims being false.

This has been the pattern for years now, so bear that in mind the next time Democrat media outlets tell you that something has been “discredited” or “debunked.”

For overseas readers I’ll explain that before the 2020 election the news about Hunter’s laptop and other scandals would have worked AGAINST Democrat political strategy. With Biden installed in the White House it no longer poses a threat to Democrat strategy because if Joe Biden resigns over his many, many scandals or because of his senility, then Kamala Harris will simply take his place, since she’s the Vice President.

Also in the news recently was last week’s attack on the Capitol which killed a policeman and injured others. The Democrats in the media recklessly insisted it had to be a “white supremacist” following up on the supposed “insurrection” that conspiracy kooks pretend happened on January 6th. Though it was eventually established that the attacker was really Noah Green, a black man who supported Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, no doubt many people still think the initial media takes were accurate. That also accommodates Democrat political strategy.

And so the White Supremacist gibberish rolls on, with the Democrats in America’s colleges and universities pondering a final solution to “the problem of whiteness.” Remember when the Democrats’ media outlets tried blaming the Boston Marathon Massacre on eeeeevilll white people on the political right because it happened on April 15th – Tax Day – so since the right always complains about taxes that was all the “proof” that Democrats needed to try pinning it on them. Ultimately it turned out to be the Muslim Tsarnaevs behind the massacre.      


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  1. Sharon

    You are so right on this and I am so in tune with how you feel. I was a democrat too but they are even worse than the republicans now.

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