Trump is like jfk

One by assassination, the other by vote fraud?

As the stolen 2020 election joins the stolen 1876 and year 2000 election steals, Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents some of the latest political cartoons and a few links to commentary and news stories.

And remember, using Hillary as a guideline, Trump has more than 4 more years (and counting) to insist he was the real winner. 

Latest report on the technical side of some of the blatant vote fraud HERE

scalesA report on how poorly U.S. elections are run compared to other countries HERE.

Democrat corruptionelection confidence gone



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  1. Jonnyspeed

    These cartoons are perfect for the circumstances! Cheers!

  2. Thiago Ribeiro

    Exactly! I just want to say that President Trump is one of the best you have ever had in your country!

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