mascot new look donkey and elephant headsWith the 4th of July nearly upon us, what better time to remind ourselves of the need to stand up against the would-be dictators called Democrats. Those nauseating hybrids of Nazis and the Mafia have combined with Technofascists and Corporate vermin to try to impose limits on the freedom of every single one of the rest of us. People are losing their jobs and their lives just for expressing opinions that Democrats disagree with.

In honor of the 4th of July let’s put our defiance in the form of the section of our Declaration of Independence in which King George’s offenses against Americans were listed:

*** Democrats fought for the spread of slavery and waged a Civil War to keep their slaves. When they lost that war they formed the Ku Klux Klan and further oppressed the freed slaves via terrorism and later Jim Crow Laws.

*** Democrats still refuse to change the name of their political party in order to bury their racist past, and persist in blaming the rest of us for their party’s racism.

Democrats KKK*** Democrats interred Japanese-Americans during World War Two and persist in blaming the rest of us for their party’s racism.

*** Democrats caused the Trail of Tears and persist in blaming the rest of us for their party’s racism. 

*** Democrats continue to imply that their riots and all other damage they have inflicted on the rest of us over the past few years are all our own fault for not voting the way they tried to dictate to us. They treat the rest of us like abused spouses and imply we “asked for it” by disobeying them.  

*** Democrat Roger B Taney was behind the atrocious Dred Scott Decision which basically ruled that African-Americans were not human beings. Needless to say, Democrats persist in blaming the rest of us for this, too.

*** Democrats used every underhanded legislative and judiciary trick their bigoted minds could come up with to keep violating the rights of African-Americans. They did this for a century, then gave into the inevitable and embraced the long-active Civil Rights Movement which was rolling along DESPITE Democrat opposition.

*** Democrats pretend that they can elevate themselves above the rest of us by playing a cheap game of claiming that their party “changed” and is no longer to be blamed for racism. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY CHANGED, so if Democrats can point to an alleged “Big Switch” or a “switching around” it applies to all of us, not just them.

Democrat rat logo


*** Democrats want people to lose their livelihoods and be unemployable just for expressing opinions which Democrats and their Corporate Fascist Allies disagree with, denying DUE PROCESS to their victims. Democrats and their Corporate Fascist Allies are violating the Civil Rights of everyone they prey upon in such a manner.

*** Democrats ridiculously pretend to be “on the right side of history,” a saying as meaningless as when people used to claim they had “God on their side.” EVERYBODY thinks they are on “the right side of history” and that they have “God on their side.”

*** Democrats encourage violence, looting and the imposition of “Autonymous Zones” which erect those WALLS that Democrats claim to oppose and which extort money from victims trapped within those zones. In Seattle the Antifa/ “Warlords” killed and injured assorted innocent victims including some black people whose “lives matter” Democrats hypocritically claim. 

*** Democrats call the police “the Blue Klux Klan” and chant “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” to facilitate their imposition of Democrat-controlled “Reconciliation/ Community Counselors” to replace the police. Those Democrats will run their areas as tyrannically as Democrats run every college campus under their administrative control. Those Democrat political police will act according to the Intersectional Pyramid instead of the law. 

*** Democrats openly discriminate against people based on their skin color, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation and other qualities all while lecturing the rest of us about the evils of such practices.

*** Democrats and their Technofascist allies have distorted Social Media outlets into Democrat house organs in which ONLY their views and arguments are permitted expression. 

*** Democrats have distorted the educational system into a political forum in which ONLY their views and arguments are permitted expression.

*** Democrats distorted Liberalism into a philosophy that was critical only of the Western World.

*** Democrats absurdly call Independence Day celebrations “a celebration of White Supremacy.”

Democrat violence*** Democrats tear down and destroy statues and other works of art which they conjure up reasons to be offended by. This is a war crime. 

*** Democrats doxed members of the Electoral College in 2016 in an attempt at violent intimidation, trying to force those Electors to cast their electoral votes for their candidate instead of the person selected by the voters in their state.

*** Democrats lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, deceptively dragging the nation into the Vietnam War. Needless to say, they continue to lecture the rest of us about that war as if they had nothing to do with it.  


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  2. Mary Ellen

    I used to think you were exaggerating how insane democrats have become but you are spot on.

  3. Amy Chu

    Loved this! Democrats live just to lecture the rest of us!

  4. Cicely

    This was well done! Democrats are such control freaks!

  5. Owen

    Defy them on election day too!

  6. Rashnee

    You’re right. All the Democrats do is try to force everyone around them to obey them.

  7. Richard Brody

    Well put! I’m so sick of self righteous democrats lecturing everyone.

  8. Charissa

    We’ll be defying a lot of Democrats for a lot of Holidays to come if looks like.

  9. Ms Shay

    Democrats absolutely cannot stand to see people enjoying themselves.

  10. Jody

    You’re the real problem.


    Defy Democrats all year long not just at the holiday season.

  12. Lettie

    Democrats are such tyrant wannabes.

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