Antifa scumGeorge Floyd’s own family members have called for the rioting to stop, and if you’re one of the leftist demagogues coyly pretending you don’t understand the difference between protests and riots, you’re either lying or an imbecile. Yes, George Floyd was wronged, but the perpetrators are facing punishment. Pathetic worms like the privileged white children of Antifa (KLAN-tifa) are hiding behind George Floyd’s name to inflict this pitiless series of Kristallnachts on the U.S.

looting cartoonHundreds of thousands of innocent people are having their lives and futures destroyed and are being made to suffer so that Democrats can enact political theater across the country.


Michael Tracey


“Did people forget that Barack Obama condemned rioters and supported the deployment of National Guard to quell civil unrest on multiple occasions? Was that “fascism” or “martial law” …? “

But hey, why let facts interfere with your orgy of violence and looting and political posturing? Here are just a few of the victims being ignored by the callous, the comfortable and the uncaring who do nothing but virtue signal – 


If techno-censors take that down it can also be accessed HERE 

And more victims speaking out. But I don’t see celebrity vermin pledging money to help THEM out. 

MUST WATCH TV: If you’re still unclear what impact the rioting and violence is having on the most vulnerable among us, please listen to Stephanie, a disabled Minneapolis woman who offers her heart-wrenching experience after last night’s violence. Great work by ⁦@BenryNews

Embedded video

Molly Beck


Katherine Mahmoud is furious about George Floyd’s death — but she’s also angry at those who destroyed her family’s Milwaukee cellphone shop as protests escalated early Saturday morning.  via ⁦@BillGlauber

‘I look just like them’: Owner of looted Milwaukee cellphone store

Katherine Mahmoud found her Boost Mobile store looted early May 30.


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  1. This is pathetic what was done to these people. All Lives Matter and I hope these WASP SJW along with Donkeys and Rhinos receive punishment

  2. Oh YES. Rioting and protesting are VASTLY different. I will never be able to wrap my brain around how in the world rioters think their actions have anything at all to do with what’s going on. l TOTALLY get anger and rage over George Floyd’s murder (and every such situation);’s Universes beyond appalling. But it’s completely heartbreaking to see innocent people’s lives completely destroyed by rioter’s behavior. Just seems like an excuse to behave really poorly and get free stuff. No connection in my mind. It’s been amazing seeing protestors standing up to them here and there and insisting they stop. That’s got to be more than a bit frightening.

  3. hocuspocus13

    Veritas infiltrated AntiFa

    Undercover video will be out today

  4. Corinne

    It is so heartbreaking to see what happens to the victims of the mobs whipped up by democrats.

  5. M Sanders

    Did you see that democrat mayor who thought the riots were okay but called the rioters animals when they hit her neighborhood?

  6. Trina

    Democrats want mobs not jobs.

  7. R Grove

    Do democrats ever care about their victims?

  8. Bridget

    Finally someone listening to the victims not the rioters. Good Job!

  9. GenXMarketingGuy

    Thanks for your article. I used to hate Trump but the democrats are so much worse than he could ever be.

  10. Nicholas

    So nice to see someone speaking out like this.

  11. Charlene K

    I used to be a democrat too. They are now too horrible to be associated with.

  12. Very nice to see someone speak on behalf of the forgotten people in all this – the victims of these mobs.

  13. Ahmed

    I’m ashamed to say I used to be a democrat.

  14. Tommy

    Hear, hear! The victims should be heard over the virtue-signaling white democrats!

  15. Carmelo

    These aren’t riots. They’re Biden campaign rallies.

  16. Randolph T

    This has gone too far. The democrats think they can kill and loot and riot just because they invoke racism.

  17. Roosevelt

    These quotes are great!

  18. R Gonzalez

    The democrats are crazy for thinking society can function without police.

  19. Jeff

    Democrats have declared war on the rest of us.

  20. Pomo

    This is heartbreaking. And the callous democrats still pretend they’re the good guys in all this.

  21. H Egan

    So very sad.

  22. The Oaks Lady

    The democrats are the new Nazi party.

  23. Hi! I’m a American single Mom living in New Orleans and the democrats have lost my vote forever! #walkaway like you always say!

  24. Claira Janover

    What the rioters did to these poor people is shameful.

  25. The Democrats are using the riots to try to intimidate the nation.

  26. Tanisha

    I want white democrats to see what it’s like to have their business trashed twice in a couple months if they think riots and looting are good things.

  27. Julie

    People who cheer on riots and looting are like people who cheer on wars from the comfort of their armchairs!

  28. Dian

    These riots are Joe Biden rallies. It’s what he will bring more and more of.

  29. D.G.

    Democrats are more destructive than anyone else right now.

  30. Sal

    I used to think you were too rough on the democrats but I don’t think that anymore.

  31. Nancy

    The Democrats think riots are better than the voting booth.

  32. Abe

    I’m joining the rest of you in leaving the Democratic party.

  33. Toni

    The people behind the riots are democrats, plain and simple.

  34. Jemma J

    I don’t know. Did these victims vote for the Democrats who are letting the rioters run wild?

  35. Deanna

    Democrats plan to riot all through the election and then afterward if they don’t get their way.

  36. Andrea

    Democrat hatemongering knows no bounds.

  37. Keldor D'Antrell

    Democrats never care about their victims.

  38. Adam

    Are you a fascist?

  39. adam tarver

    The rioters and their craziness turned me into a Trump supporter! Trump 2020!

  40. Maurice

    Democrats gonna democrat.

  41. Tom Taft

    What the Democrats did to these poor people with their riots is disgusting.

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  43. mike mcmike

    The democrat riots were so atrocious. So many lives destroyed.

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