Joe Biden faceEven the most ardent Joe Biden supporters have come to wonder if Joe is mentally fit enough to be campaigning for president or if he is being pushed forward by selfish staff and hangers-on who are only interested in how it will advance THEIR interests if he succeeds.

Biden may seriously suffer from dementia given his tendency to mistake what state he’s in, the years he served as Vice President, who he’s talking to at any given moment and on and on. Recently he claimed to be running for the Senate instead of the presidency and he often seems befuddled and confused.

The video below shows Joe trying to say something, then getting as addle-minded as he often does, before concluding with “We can only re-elect Donald Trump.” Endorsing your opponent is a new low, even for the buffoonish Biden.

For that video just click HERE . If the people around Joe care about him they should worry about his health and stop feathering their own nests. A doddering fool like this is at a real disadvantage in any public undertaking.   


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  1. Sengoku100

    Hello again Balladeer, so I was wondering if you know of other monster slayers you’ve researched about ( not any of the eight you currently listed) that you’d recommend someone to look up on their own time ( like how I recommended you to Amir Hamza from the Adventures of Amir Hamza or Feirefez, the saracen half brother of Galahad and military commander of 25 armies composed of troops from the Middle east, Central asia, and Africa.

    • Hello! Always good to hear from you! I have some but not 20 yet. I am compiling a list of 20 to go with the theme of Top 20 lists for 2020. Your Amir Hamza was so interesting! Thank you for recommending him!

  2. Sengoku100

    Thanks for the reply, always a joy to engage with you.

  3. Des

    Biden’s incoherent ramblings are becoming more and more evident. I’ve noticed a growing trend towards the thought that Joe would be the perfect puppet president, easily manipulated by the likes of George Soros. Another thought is that he’ll be removed as his dementia progresses, leaving VP Hillary, Liz or Mike to step in. In both cases, his lack of mental acuity is a bonus. I’d think that many Democratic voters have considered these scenarios as well. I have to agree that Joe Biden would be the perfect sacrificial candidate.

    • You may be on to something there. Even before Biden’s addled mind became so prominent he was already making noises about only serving one term then endorsing his Vice President for the following election, so his VP pick will be especially important.

      • Des

        Wow, that’s pretty interesting! How many candidates talk about a long term plan for their VP’s like that? Thanks much for the follow-up.

      • No problem. In fact, Biden and his people said that so early on that it was speculated that Kamala Harris would be his VP running mate since she was still alive in the process back then.

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  5. The Otaku Judge

    Only way Trump will lose is if he mishandles the Corona crisis. If Biden wins the White House things will get even worse though.

  6. Mimi

    Biden would be a return to crooked business as usual. At least Trump has not been a career politician.

  7. Miguel

    President Trump is better than anything the democrats have to offer.

  8. Odile

    Let’s hope your country has enough sense to reelect President Trump.

  9. Brian Hibbs

    The Russians are slipping drugs to Biden to help Trump.

  10. Damon

    Let’s hope Joe is right!

  11. Claira Janover

    May the gods protect the poor of this country if Joe Biden is elected.

  12. Edina

    President Trump is a great man and a great leader.

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