Luke and ReyEven people who hate the way the soulless Disney Corporation has damaged the Star Wars franchise have been letting me know how excited they are about this particular rumor. Word has it that J.J. Abrams and possibly George Lucas have come up with a way of rising from the ruins of Rian “Man-Baby” Johnson’s ineptly directed and poorly written Last Jedi AND make Rey less of a Mary Sue.

How will they do all that? Supposedly by showing that Rey was cloned from Luke’s severed hand from The Empire Strikes Back. (See link below) Though it sounds ludicrous, this would actually undo Rian Johnson’s mangling of many story elements Abrams tried to set him up with in The Force Awakens.

I’m at the most only a casual Star Wars fan, so I’m not that invested in the fate of the franchise or any of its mishandled characters but even I can see how this rumor – if true – could successfully retcon the wreckage left behind by Rian Johnson.

masc graveyard new*** Maz, the collector of Force Relics, had Luke’s light saber that fell with his severed hand in Empire. Remember her saying in The Force Awakens that how she got it is “a story for another time?” Whoever she got it from may have used tissue samples from Luke’s hand to create the Rey clone.

*** This would also explain Rey’s bizarrely unlikely familiarity with the Millenium Falcon, the way Luke’s old light saber “called to her” in TFA, and the shadowy memories she experienced when touching the saber in that movie.

*** That theory would also go a long way toward pleasing fans and non-fans alike regarding the way Rey needed no training to do Jedi Mind Tricks or to expertly wield a light saber in her first appearance. If she was cloned from Luke’s genetic material she’d have built-in Force talents.

While hardly an elegant story device, it would make Rey a figurative daughter of Luke, since her being his literal daughter was many fans’ guess regarding TFA‘s cliffhanger ending.

However, it still wouldn’t explain Rian Johnson’s idiotic plot hole regarding why Luke left a map to his location if he didn’t want to be disturbed. (And let’s face it – NOTHING will ever explain why Rian Johnson is so disturbed.)

I don’t plan to watch the movie either way, but there is virtually no way of avoiding Star Wars conversations. 

For some alleged sources for the Rey-as-clone rumor plus a more detailed examination of the way this theory could reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable differences in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi click HERE      



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  1. Have you seen any of the early reviews of Rise Of Skywalker? I wasn’t a real big fan of the Last Jedi, but it looks like this movie is going to be better. All I know is I just want another Daisy Ridley movie! Starwars for life!

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