read the transcriptAs the Democrats’ attempt to railroad de facto Third Party President Trump continues you can buy a limited edition “Read The Transcript” t-shirt to remind people that the Ukraine transcript proves Trump did nothing wrong while he was investigating Biden Family corruption. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE  

This impeachment inquiry nonsense has proven to be just partisan political theater and is the sequel to the Democrats’ failed “Russian Collusion” fantasy. As Sean Davis pointed out on social media:

Brutal impeachment numbers for Dems in new Monmouth poll: 73% have little/no trust in process, 60% say Dems are more interested in destroying Trump than finding facts, 51% oppose impeachment, only 37% say Trump’s actions are clear grounds for impeachment.

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsPresident Trump has done more for the working class and poor of ALL colors than any other president of my lifetime.

Unfortunately the working class and the poor don’t own major media outlets like the anti-Trump fascists do, hence the 24/7 flood of slanted coverage against him.


https://www.realclearpolitics.com/docs/2019/MonmouthPoll_US_110519.pdf   “



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  1. Sengoku100

    Hey Balladeer, I was wondering if you checked out the article that discussed the adventures of Amir Hamza yet/ what adventures of the paladins, in particular, are cooler than those by Arthur and his knights: some interesting Arthurian tales include Arthur waging war with the Roman emperor Lucius, How Percival met his half brother Feriefez ( conqueror of the Orient and father to prester John), The knight Daniel Blumenthal from Der Stricker slaying both the giant king Matur and his mechanical dragon, etc.

  2. Bridget

    These t-shirts are a good idea! I’m buying one!

  3. Dakimh

    Everybody should read the transcript!

  4. Hogan

    I love these t-shirts.

  5. Patrick Zircher

    I want a dozen of these shirts! I love Trump!

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